What makes ’Her’ special?

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
What makes ’Her’ special?

International Women's Day will be celebrated on March 8, 2013 across the globe. How do you plan to make this day special for the woman in your life? Get to know her first!

Aries: When she wants something, she gets it. The 'me first' attitude separates the Arian woman from other signs and she's a natural when it comes to leading. Getting into an argument with her will lead you nowhere. Why don't you give up already? She'll barely listen to you and you will only end up regretting the discussion later. Great deals, sales and bargains excite the shopaholic side of Aries and things may get nasty if someone tries to get in the way when she's shopping. She's a go-getter, is high on life, and loves sports and bling. The colour red turns her on and red roses are perfect for those who plan to get into her good books. If there's one woman who doesn't like fuss and will not waste your time, it's Aries.

Taurus: The Taurean woman has many layers and it takes a long time before you get to know the real her. She does not believe in wearing her emotions on her sleeve. She's drawn towards pretty things and has an eye for fashion and style. The undemonstrative bull has fiery emotions and passion lying underneath that calm facade. Never take her on a joy ride; things will end well for no one with that temper of hers. Yes, she does have a temper.  When in love, she trusts easily and may keep her blinkers on for as long as it suits her. She's loyal and no other sign can be as giving as the Taurean. Orchids, preferably the exotic kind will bring a smile to her face.

Gemini: The Gemini woman is easy to spot but not so easy to pin down. You'll find her with a cellphone plastered to her ear. She's floating up in the air and is always on the move. She loves all forms of communication and you'll find her surrounded with the latest gadgets, mobile phones, etc. She craves communication and exchange of ideas. If you can't offer mental stimulation and fun conversations, she may soon lose her interest in you. She never falls in love completely; there's always a part of her that she keeps to herself. Charming, intelligent, witty and original, this is one woman you simply cannot get enough of. Enchant her with something latest on the shelves; nothing antique will work for this woman.

Cancer: Cancer women are sensitive and may baffle you with their frequent mood swings. She's sweet natured and loves to be pampered. Do something nice for her and she'll be your friend for life. Home is where her heart is and she loves decorating this personal space with an interesting mix of vibrant colours and welcoming furniture. She's loyal to her man and believes in security and love. She takes on a nurturing role, both at home and at work. Make her feel special with flowers in white.

Leo: The Leo woman is known for her boldness and confidence. She's hot tempered and looks hot too! She loves the spotlight and grabs attention wherever she goes. Her outspoken nature may cause hurt but you'll love her for her honesty, which is rare. She has a loud laugh and guys may sometimes need a break from this highly intense woman. She is intelligent and creative and the highs one can experience with her are the stuff movies are made of. She has a royal taste and diamonds are indeed her best friends.

Virgo: The Virgo woman is as real as it gets. She does not believe in unreal things or weaving romances. Her world is based on facts and facts alone. There's order in her house and no room for chaos. She's a control freak and has an extraordinary eye for detail. Nothing escapes her and she notices everything that's out of order. She weighs things in her mind and even in relationships; she waits and doesn't fall head over heels in love with anyone. If you want to please a Virgo woman, go for rings and bracelets.

Libra: The Libran woman is the epitome of fair play and justice. She stays out of disputes and will never take sides. The most sociable of signs, she draws people naturally to her. She admires people who fulfill her need for honest communication. A perfect partner in love, she goes about pleasing one and all. Your emotions, tastes and preferences will always matter to her. She wins people around with her infectious charm. You wouldn't mind losing to this minx. Gift her something fashionable that's worth showing off to the entire world. 

Scorpio: The Scorpio woman embodies passion like no other. If you want someone who can fill your life with thrill and excitement, go after her. She is curious about the world around her and is one of the most knowledgeable among all sun signs. Books are dear to her and her home is tastefully done. Her secretive nature may keep you guessing but once you peel off the layers, there will be brilliance at the core. Gift her something vintage; the Scorpio woman is attracted to all things old.

Sagittarius: The Sagittarian woman seeks the truth in all forms and in everyone. She craves knowledge and information. Mysteries of life attract her and she's always on the lookout for a partner who's a mental and a physical equal. She's blunt and may not think before speaking her mind. Her words may cause hurt but it's never intentional as she has one of the cleanest of hearts, devoid of manipulation. Travelling thrills her and if you really want to make her happy, suggest a trip to a faraway place.

Capricorn: The Capricorn woman will be at her happiest best only when she's at the top. She aspires for all the good things in life and is determined to achieve her goals. She deals with difficult situations calmly and supports the people in her life with her loving self. She's a giver and is protective of those in her inner circle. She may appear submissive, but her inherent independence may come as a surprise to you. Expensive jewelry will make her happy.

Aquarius: The Aquarius woman is mysterious and hard to understand. You can never keep up with her. She's not the kind to indulge in flimsy fantasies. There's always something big that attracts the Aquarian's eye. She's the kind that stands out in a crowd and may shock you with her originality. Her intensity and approach to life are refreshing and it may seem like she’s friends with almost everyone. Vintage pieces in thrift stores appeal to her senses.

Pisces: The Pisces woman is mysterious, seductive and sensual, and men may find it hard to resist her mermaid like charm. She's blessed with a vivid imagination and lives in a world of her own. Dreams and talks about past lives delight the Piscean. Her home reflects her artistic abilities and there's much to explore and admire. Negative emotions and feelings of jealousy may haunt her from time to time, but these are fleeting phases from which she quickly recovers and is back to being her cheerful, sociable self again. Anklets and accessories for her feet are best suited for Pisces.