What Is Tarot Birth Card?

Just like the Life Path Number in Numerology, that represents who you are at birth, Tarot cards, too, can reveal so much about the energy a person is blessed with during birth, and how he can use it to face the challenges he may come across in his life. The tarot birth card number can also tell him about what his greatest potential in life is. 


The Tarot uses only the Major Arcana cards to calculate the Tarot Birth Card of a person. Out of the 22 Major Arcana cards, The Fool is not used as it is assigned the number 0. But tarot readers like to consider the fact that all of us have a ‘Fool’ in us, as a part of our destiny. The Tarot Birth card is based on the journey of The Fool and it reveals which part of this journey, your soul is experiencing in your present incarnation.

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Tarot Birth Card meanings take into consideration the meaning of the Major Arcana cards.


Just like in Numerology, where there are different Numerology Numbers for one person, in Tarot too, Tarot Numbers are calculated in different ways to know more about the native. For example, we can know about the Core Purpose of the individual, his Personality and Soul Purpose, his Path and Strength Number.


A) To find out more about the path you are on in this life, you can calculate your Tarot Birth card in two simple steps-


1) Write down your birth date with the month and the complete year. Split the numbers into four 2-digit numbers. For example, if you were born on 15th July 1962, write it as-15. 07. 19 62.

2) Add all these numbers in your birth date, in the following manner, in order to get one number-



If the total of the number is a double-digit or adds up to higher than 22(since we are only taking the Major Arcana cards into consideration, which range from 1 to 22), then simply add it again like this-



If this number is below 22, then that represents your Tarot Birth Card. In the example given above, Number 13 refers to Death. 


To calculate your Strength Number (which will reveal the Strengths you need to use to fulfil your journey), add the two digits of the Path Number.


So, your Strength Number will be-

                     1+3=4 (Emperor)


B) To calculate your Core Purpose Number-


Simply add all the digits in your birth date as single numbers. So, your Core Purpose Number in the above example will be-


Reduce the 31 as it is above 22 and we have-



C) To calculate your Personality and Soul Card Number-


Add your birth date in the following way in order to get a 4-digit number-


Then add each number to get, 1+9+8+4=22

Reduce the number; 2+2=4(Emperor)


Your Personality card is the Emperor.


To calculate the Soul Card Number, add the two digits of the Personality Number and if your Personality Number is a single digit then that is also your Soul Card number.


In the example above, your Soul Card Number is also 4(Emperor).


While your Personality Card will reveal your personality traits, the Soul card will help you learn about your soul’s purpose through multiple lifetimes.


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