What is so unlucky about ‘13’ astroYogi explains:

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
What is so unlucky about ‘13’ astroYogi explains:

13 is a ‘happy number’ in math, but people are not quite happy with this number for many reasons. ‘Triskaidekaphobia’, is the medical term for the fear of number 13, such is the fear instilled in people. The much progressive modern generation is not purged from this phobia, we would find the thirteenth floor of skyscrapers omitted or renamed as the 14th floor, as reminders of the obnoxious number in the urban jungle. Most of the population keep their distance from the number even though they don’t know why it is regarded as unlucky, you know, just to be safe! 

12 is the perfect number according to many. The 12 zodiac signs, months and even the 12 hours that divide a day into two half shows us the prominence and preeminence of 12 in our daily life. 13 is not considered a good sum total as it would break the state of perfection, which we are in at 12.  It is an obnoxious number even according to many religions and cultures. The oldest legal document which we have, ‘The code of Hammurabi’ doesn’t have or have omitted the 13th law. Modern studies and researches have also come up with some quantifiable data showing the villainous nature of 13. According to a study conducted by, British Medical Journal, the risk of hospital admission as a result of a transport accident may be increased by as much as 52 percent on the 13th of a month, based on the analysis they have done on the accident cases in London.

According to numerology number 13 is a karmic number, there are negative as well as positive vibrations associated with this number. It is regarded as the number of upheaval, or a fresh start, but is also associated with death and culmination. The number symbolizes challenges which are hard to get past, but beyond which is a fresh start or new beginning. It is a number with very powerful traits and implication, the Aztec civilization revered this number and goddess ‘Tlazolteotl’ was associated with this number and was believed to be the goddess of sin and a patroness of adulterers. Astroyogi experts suggest, though you could avoid this number and stay safe, if it manifests in some form, it would mean a challenge which you need to surpass in order to get what you desire. This test can be very difficult in most cases, but if you manage to amass whole of your strengths and capabilities, 13 would reward you in abundance. 

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