What is Akashic Tarot?

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
What is Akashic Tarot?

Well, what is Akashic to start with? Does Akashic Library sound familiar? Well, let me explain. Do you realise there is an icloud that stores ALL your storage from your gadgets? So, when you are on the move, whether you are in the same city /country or not, all you have to do is access the icloud, right ?


Well, exactly this is the metaphor we can use to settle with the concept of Akashic! Akashic records that are stored in something called Akashic Library have a blueprint of your soul journey right from the first lifetime you had on the planet till the last one you will have.


Now, Akashic Tarot helps you to "access" those files. So when your Tarot Reader is doing your Reading using the Akashic Tarot deck, what is actually happening is that instead of the predictions for the upcoming months or years, what you are getting is a glimpse of how life is laid out to be in the coming 15-20 years or till the end!


In simplified language, we know there is a DNA that defines the medical aspects of one's body. Well, with Akashic we call it the soul DNA.


An obvious question would then be "why know answers from Akashic Tarot". Well, the answer is simple. Don't you think that if you start to align all your actions of this lifetime - in any area that you are taking tarot consultation for - everything that is not falling in place, would start to fall in place? Also, what if you are someone who already HAS everything, yet miss that favourite element called 'contentment', then how would life be? Akashic Tarot gives you that direction by letting you know whether the path you are taking or about to take is or is not in alignment with your soul DNA.


Imagine your life decisions change with such knowledge. :)


Keep Smiling!
Tarot Swati


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