What happens when Pluto goes Retrograde

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
What happens when Pluto goes Retrograde

This April 10, the god of the underworld and of wealth, Pluto is going retrograde in Capricorn until September 18, 2012. With the planet moving backwards through the zodiac, does this occurrence warn of some dire consequences? Should you hit the panic button fearing that this phase has only bad things to offer?

Relax; this planetary movement is not as bane as one presumes. Let it sink into your mind that the retrogression of planet does not always bring with it a baggage of unexpected troubles and problems. The good news is that it does also have some goodies in store for you. So, what really to expect from this planetary phase?

Say goodbye to outdated and old methods of functioning and say hello to a new one. This retro phase urges you to let go of what is old and embrace the new. You may need to discard your traditional approach towards all sorts of things. This phase calls for flexibility and adaptability to the change happening around you. Try to adapt to the change as fast as possible as it will go on to reap rich dividends for you.

When Pluto goes retrograde, you become far more intense and your concentration level increases. You start looking at things in a whole new manner. You may get suspicious of the motives of others and start seeing more than there actually is. And as you know, life is not always a bed of roses; get yourself prepared as this phase will test you to the hilt. With Pluto in Capricorn, your strength, organisational ability, leadership quality will be tested in both your professional and personal life. Now, that's exhausting! But you should not succumb to these pressures.

Under this influence, even a person suffering from a major illness can expect to make a fast recovery. Since, the retrograde motion is directed towards your inner activity, if any negativity runs through your mind, it will have its repercussion on your physical strength. You will benefit from the fact that you will have a healthier mind during this time. Heave a sigh of relief, this phase will lighten the heavy emotional baggage that you have been carrying.

Spirituality or soul searching will interest you. Your investigative powers come to the front and you are a lot more careful in dealing with people or work. Overall, this is a positive phase and if you are hoping to get some new and exciting opportunities, it may just happen during this period.