What are the Key Planets in Astrology

Friday, July 5, 2019

In Astrology, heavenly bodies i.e. planets, are used. These planets control the flow of energy and determine the dimensions of experience. 9 such planets are used and they are arranged in the proper order of their speed through the Zodiac as follows: the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. They are used because of their proximity, the influence on earth, size, and also including their effect on human, animal, minerals, and vegetables.


The most useful planets are Jupiter and Venus. Jupiter is also known as the “the greater fortune” and Venus as “the lesser fortune”. The Sun and the Moon are also known to have a pretty good influence.

It is because these planets are considered helpful when they are seen at a better aspect with other planets, however, baleful when inspected the other way around.


Planets are not evil or bad in nature. In fact, all planets and all the signs are good. It all depends on how we humans react to it, according to our level of development. Our responses may be good or adverse depends on how we judge it. 


These heavenly bodies happen to be very important ones. They represent the most sensitive side of us human beings.


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The Sun- The Sun mainly represents the conscious human ego, pride, and power. It is your purpose in life. It tells us why and for what we are here for.  If we are not expressing what the Sun needs then we are surely going the wrong way. The aspects of the Sun help us understand how difficult or easy our task will be on Earth to serve our purpose. The Sun is mostly all about expressing yourself.


The Moon- The moon is linked with our emotions. It is, in fact, our emotional receptors. The Sun is formed to radiate, to “give out”, and in the same way, the Moon is formed to receive or to be receptive. It keeps your past memories and the sense of your possessions.  It is a sensory device and also controls your inner instincts. So, it is better if we listen to her sometimes.


Mercury- Mercury’s main function is communication and logical reasoning behind things. It mainly represents mentality, communication, thinking patterns, adaptability, reasoning and rationalizing. It gives you the need to communicate, the need to educate. According to Chinese astrology, Mercury means Water- which symbolizes communication, education.


Venus- Venus’s principles are harmony, beauty, refinement, resilience, the urge to unite with others and sympathize. It symbolizes the need to mix with others and keep on learning and sharing.


Mars- Mars’s principles are self-confidence, narcissism, sexual desire, ambition, and energy. It mainly symbolizes the need to achieve desires, physical intimacy. According to Indian astrology, Mars is known as Mangala, which represents ego, confidence, and energy.


Jupiter- Jupiter is the king of the other planets. Its massive size, with beautiful and colorful clouds and constant violent storms, is what gives it this position. Jupiter’s principles are growth, good fortune, success or prosperity. It symbolizes the need for faith, trust and especially self-confidence. It also symbolizes to focus on ourselves and improve ourselves.


Saturn- It symbolizes the need to rely on somebody else’s opinion or social acceptance. Its principles are karma, destiny, and virtues.


Rahu- Rahu is a kind of an exception, that is, it is not a planet. Rahu is the north node of the moon. It does not have a body of its own. It is called a shadow planet. Rahu symbolizes ego, power, and success in our lives. Rahu can be deceitful. It can manipulate people into getting what it wants by playing with their minds.


Ketu- Ketu is another node of the moon-the south node. It is also not a planet and it does not have a body of its own, also called the shadow planet. Ketu symbolizes abandonment, freedom or liberation from worldly affairs.    


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