Venus watches the House of Sagittarius

bell icon Sun, Feb 12, 2012
Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Venus watches the House of Sagittarius

It’s time to write, enlighten and publish your love. Venus transiting Sagittarius means clean love and fun, it will be a real favorable time for all of us. Some of us will receive gifts and luck, some of us will get a chance to travel.

More or less, there will be much harmony around the world. The highest spectrum of energy from Venus will be released during this transit. Love and harmony is the key to all spiritual as well as personal wisdom. Till 9th January 2013 natural elements will support you to discover some great truths of life.

Venus, which is the planet of love, care and harmony, is back in business. With the support of its co-planets and the sun, the mother earth will receive peace and love. People will be more inclined towards affection and warmth. This transit can spark a new wave in terms of international unity.

It’s undoubtedly a great time for NGOs and the cosmic energy as a result of the influence of Venus will make journalism a more powerful and trustworthy force. Honesty will be the key to success and this is the perfect time to attract wealth and success.

Sagittarius is a mystical sign with many positive traits. This year will be brilliant for most of you Sagittarian natives as far as your careers are concerned. Your savings of the past will give you very handsome returns, thus increasing your monetary worth. Our actions will be naturally good and there will be no vanity. God will vivify our souls and there will no vexation. Vengeance and vendetta will vanish.

There will be no ego clashes or tussles with your superiors and nobody will take advantage of your work. This period will be excellent for those who are in the field of publishing and creative writing as you are likely to see a lot of new employment opportunities coming your way.

This time is just right for signing a new business deal or getting into a partnership. It is the perfect time to lay down plans for your future. It is also an excellent time for government officers and anyone who works in administration.