Venus Transits from Aries to Taurus on 29th June, 2017

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Venus Transits from Aries to Taurus on 29th June, 2017

Venus is a very significant planet in Vedic astrology. The planet is the key significator of financial gains, luxuries in life, and also the artistic talents of natives. Since Venus is connected to such  key aspects of life, we should be aware of the impact of a Venus transit on our zodiac sign. So that we can be prepared for the future. Venus will transit from Aries to Taurus on the 29th of June at 7.47 PM. astroYogi’s expert astrologers explain the impact of this transit on each of the twelve zodiac signs:


Venus is transiting from your zodiac sign into Taurus and due to this, you may be parted from your close ones. You may feel lonely during this time period but should understand that it is just a passing phase. The transit is happening in your second house, which is also the house of  financial gain and profit. So this time period will be favorable for you as far as your finances are concerned. This is also a good time for lovers to embrace their love for each other and there are chances of reunion for couples who had parted their ways.


Venus is transiting into your zodiac sign, so you will feel very energetic and uplifted during the time period. You will get the support and help of the elderly or the seniors in your workplace. If you have been trying hard to achieve something, this is your time to reap the fruits of your hard work. Some of you might have been traveling a lot since early June. You will finally get over with your travel and errands, and get time to rest and enjoy some peaceful time at home. Natives will enjoy some quality time spent with their better half.


The Venus transit is happening in your twelfth house. You would have been trying hard to focus on certain tasks to get it done, this is the right time for you to get those done as you would gain the mental strength to do the same. This is also a favorable time period for your love life. You would be able to get an edge over your competitors and enemies . You may have to leave for frequent errands as part of your work during this tenure.


The transit will happen in your eleventh house which is the house of profits. You will enjoy a favorable time as far as work, business and finances are concerned. You will spend some quality time with your parents and appreciate their love and care. You will have an urge to buy luxury goods and amenities. If you are planning to buy a house or property then this is the right time. Additional responsibilities will be bestowed upon you in workplace.

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The transit will happen in your tenth house which is the house which relates to your work and career. You will be relieved of the stress and pressure at work place which was troubling you for long. Venus was placed in your house of fortune before this transit, so you will have the support and favor of luck during this time period. Your mother’s health may be the concern for you during this time period. You will get the support and help of parents and elders during this tenure.


Venus will transit in your ninth house which is also the house of luck and fortune. You would have been troubled by some arbitrary stress and pressure in life,  due to which you were working hard. Your luck will placate the pain and agony after the transit. You will be successful in whatever endeavors you undertake during this time period.


The transit will happen in your eighth house which will in turn weaken the impact of the planet on your sign. You may have some disagreements with your better half, but these can be sorted out with patience, understanding, and love. Unmarried natives should also be understanding and caring towards their love interest to avoid unnecessary friction. You may have to travel for work or personal reasons, please take good care of your health during these journeys.


Venus will be transiting into your 7th house which is the house of marriage and conjugal affairs. You would revive your love life with fresh energy and vigor. If you have been separated from your better half or love interest for long. You will be reunited during this tenure. However, you should stay safe from diseases and ailments especially the ones related to stomach. You should also be cautious about your enemies as they may try to create trouble in your relationship by bad- mouthing.


The transit is happening in your 6th house which is the house pertaining to your enemies and competition. You may feel surrounded by enemies or physical ailments during this time period. But Venus has some healing attributes associated with it, so you just need to stay safe. However, carelessness will bring about some damages. You should keep a track of your expenses as you may have a tendency to overspend during this time period.


The transit will happen in your fifth house which is also the house of Love, Off springs, and intellect. Students will enjoy a favorable time period. If you are in a love affair then you will get some pleasant surprises during this time period. You will also be feeling proud and happy about your children and  will hear the good news soon if you are trying for a child.


The transit is happening in your 4th house. You will enjoy a lucky tenure when you will enjoy the luxuries and amenities which you had aspired for. You will appreciate the love and affection of your mother and may spend some quality time with her. You will get the support of your colleagues during this time period. Since this time period is going to be a very favorable time, you are advised to hold your horses and not do anything which is ethically wrong.


The transit is happening in your third house. You will be overwhelmed by the love and support of your siblings. This is the right time to showcase your talents and skill sets to those who are not convinced about your competence. You will have the focus and determination to successfully complete the tasks which you undertake. You may have to leave for short journies and errands. It is advised that you stay positive and consistent during this time period as that is all what it takes to make the best out of this time period since luck is already in your favor.

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