Venus Transit in Capricorn on 15th December 2019-20

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Venus is going to enter Capricorn sign on 15th December 2019 and it will stay here till 9th January'2020. The Lord of Capricorn sign is Saturn and it is a friendly planet for Venus. Venus and Saturn both planets have different nature but becomes yoga Karak (auspicious planet) in each other's sign. Venus is a materialistic planet while Saturn is a workaholic planet which becomes favourable to attain success. 


Predictions of Venus in Capricorn sign for twelve sign (Based on Moon sign)



Venus in Capricorn sign will give favourable circumstances in business and professional life which will facilitate your work. Seniors or authoritative people are favourably inclined towards you and professional life will run smoothly. Any new relationship at this time would be with someone older or someone who act as a guide figure who can help you learn more about getting ahead in life. 



Venus is going to bring good opportunities in career - new job offer or business project from abroad can appear. You will be attracted to new people who are different in terms of your experience. Such a person may be a foreigner or the kinds whom you regard as better educated or experienced than yourself. It is a favourable time to go on a vacation or a pleasure trip. Relationship will be smooth in this period. 



Venus is going to transit from the eighth house which is known as inheritance, obstacle and longevity house. Venus can give several effects which are quite subtle. You may get money through the spouse, business partner or public financial institution. It is a good time to take a loan if it is needed for business or property purposes. Relationship will become more prominent in this period. A love relationship will be intense and will have a greater impact on your life than any other relationships. 


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The charm of Venus will help you to get support from seniors and colleagues. It is going to bless you with financial gains and good relationship. You can purchase a vehicle or luxury stuff for home. It is a good time to get benefits from the partner. If you are in conflict with someone in your life and would like to make peace this is the best transit for doing so. This extends even to legal confrontations, where the strong potential exists for settling lawsuits out of court. 



This transit is good for all matters relating to the profession. You will enjoy a good relationship with seniors and colleagues. This is also a good time to resolve any difficulties which you are facing in the workplace. Financial gains or other favours can come unexpectedly. Care for health is essential, feeling of tiredness and eye-related issues can bother. You need to give more time in relationship to maintain peace and harmony at home. It is a favourable time for students giving competitive exams or doing research work. 



Venus is going to transit from amusement and creative self-expression as well as love affairs and children house. Activities about any of these are favoured strongly during this transit. You will become the centre of attraction in parties and work will get appreciated. It is time to give presentations and sign new contracts. Financially this is a favourable period to get good gains from business or investment. You will feel strong bonding in the relationship, keep emotions in balance. 



Venus is going to give you a mixed result at the workplace. Things will be difficult and challenging but you can take it as an opportunity to prove your abilities which can, in turn, give you good results. In a relationship this is smooth time, understanding between both of you will become better and you can go for a holiday to spend time with each other. Government officials can bother you by delaying work or can ask for paying fine. There can be sudden gains from inheritance or mother. 



Venus the lord of the business house is going to give you good opportunities for the expansion of the business. For professionals, it is going to help you in enriching networking and signing new projects or contracts. It is also time to go abroad for education purpose or short holiday. Matters related to siblings can bother. Relationship bonding will be good but lack of communication can create misunderstandings. Pain in legs can bother. 



Venus in Capricorn sign will give you many challenges at the workplace. Support from seniors and colleagues will be less. This is a good time to change the company or sign a new contract or do financial negotiations. You need to keep your confidence and think practically. You can take suggestions from elders or seniors but take decision wisely. Stick to budget otherwise expenses will give you mental stress. Try to keep peace of mind for maintaining a good relationship. 



Venus is a "yoga Karak" auspicious planet for Capricorn sign. It is going to give you good opportunities at the workplace but support from seniors will be less. It is the time when you need to keep patience and accept the challenges in business. Travel related to business is indicated. Relationship will be favourable and you can ask for a favour from the partner. You will make new friends and stay busy at parties. Expenses will be on the higher side which can cause insomnia. Litigation or insurance-related matters can bother. 



Venus is a benevolent planet for Aquarius sign. It is going to bless you in career by giving good opportunities from a foreign country for education, job or business. It is a good time to talk about career growth with seniors. You will get a couple of opportunities which can make you deceive. Analyze all the pros and cons before taking any important decision. You will become more active on social media and will meet a beneficial person. In relationship keep yourself flexible in nature. Adamant behaviour can increase friction between both of you. 



This is the time to keep awareness about the environment of office or neighbours. The hidden enemy will try to drag in office politics. You need to keep patience and ignore giving any statement or avoid the situations which can entangle in any matter. Try to maintain a little distance with colleagues. This will help you to stay focused on your work. The businessman will feel lack of liquid cash and there can be a delay in getting new work. This is a good time to take a loan. Relationship will be very sensitive in this period, you need to put extra effort to keep it balanced. 


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