Venus Transit in Aries on 29th February 2020

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Venus Transit in Aries on 29th February 2020

One’s love, happiness, and creative expression are governed by Venus. All the expressive aspects of your character like romance and sexual drive are also governed by this planet. Though the impacts of a Venus transit will be prominent on two zodiac signs: Taurus and Libra, the effects on other zodiac signs will also be evident depending upon the planet’s positioning. Expert astrologers of Astroyogi have analyzed the generalized impact of this transit on each of the twelve zodiac signs. Read on to learn more about the effects on your moon sign.

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You should be careful about taking loans during this time period. Make sure that you are doing this only if it’s your last option. Mounting debts can lead to financial turmoil. So don’t be impulsive while handling your finances. Think it through, discuss with your expert acquaintance and then take your step.



You may not be pleased with your parents during this time period. You should understand that they only have the best in mind for you and they are amongst the rare gems amongst billions of fellow beings whom you can completely rely on. So whatever it may be, let it go and always maintain a cordial and loving relationship with them.



The Gemini’s ambient nature and adaptability will help you surge ahead in the competition. People will enjoy your company and have the ability to adapt to the language and tonality of conversation for different interactions. On the work front, your good relationship with the superiors will help you in career growth.



Make sure that you are allocating at least thirty percent of your income towards your savings and investments.  Squandering your income is not going to look good in the future. You should enjoy and have fun but saving and building a steady financial backup should also be given priority.



This is going to be a very important tenure for couples who were not sure about their relationship. You will finally have clarity on where the relationship is heading. Whatever be your destiny; you need to respect and accept it with full conviction. Reviving your old contacts is going to be productive, and this may even help you in your career front.



You should find time for yourself during this period. Don’t ignore your inner voice and overstrain everything. If you need a break, you must take it. Also, this is not the right time for carrying out critical tasks as you may be busy with tight schedules. Try and stay sorted and organized.



You are the one who determines what it takes for you to be happy. It is a mental illusion which controls all aspects of life. Before setting your eyes on something, you need to give it a thought and get some advice if there is a dilemma. Spending some quality time with your partner and having an open conversation will help a lot.

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You may have some differences with your parents or someone else in your family during this time period. You should take things lightly and understand things from their perspective too. Empathy is one quality which will also be appreciated in your love life during this time period. Sometimes you may have to probe your partner to know what is hidden in their mind.



Make sure that you are emotionally available to your partner and family during this time period. Work may keep you very busy and you may not find time to spend with them, but they might be needing your emotional support. You should avoid negative people at work because such interactions will take up a lot of thought space and your mind will be filled with negativity. This is the right time for you to make financial investments.



Professionals will finally get a chance to go for that onsite project which they were aspiring for a long time. You will also create a good impression on your superiors due to your diligence and hard work at the office. The transit will provide you with abundant positive energy and you need to utilize it to your advantage. Your social life might take a back seat during this time period because of the super busy work schedule, but then again you cannot have it all at once.



Lurking in your past is not going to bring back what you had but it will harm your future. Contemplating your past experiences is only going to affect your potential. It is time for you to lose all ties with your past and move forward into the future. Begin with concentrating more on your present. Find comfort in doing things you love most, or try to take up a whole new passion or interest.



Planning to do something new?  Don’t wait any further; this is the right time for execution. However, make sure that you have ironed out all the loopholes and discrepancies and make a foolproof plan which delves into every detail. Overconfidence will also not help, so vet it through your expert acquaintance before going ahead. You may also develop an interest in spiritual or religious matters during this period.