Venus - The Planet of Love

Friday, June 21, 2019

In Astrology, Venus is known for ruling the zodiac signs, Taurus and Libra. Despite being ruled by the same planet, the two zodiacs mostly exist on opposite ends of a spectrum, having difficulty getting along, the former being quite practical in nature, while the latter being more focused on expressing and reflecting beauty.


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Here are some interesting facts about Venus, The planet of love, that you may not be aware of-

  • The greatest manifestation of Venus is shown on an emotional level, being a planet of senses, like touch, taste, and smell, it can help you discover what you truly love in your life, and what actually brings you pleasure and happiness.

  • Also known as the Goddess of Love, in Astrology, Venus represents two main areas of our life: love and money. A simple way of explaining this is-Venus rules our sentiments, what we value, and the pleasures we seek in life. Not only this, Venus also rules other traits like gracefulness, charisma, beauty, through which we learn what makes us happy and develop our creative inclinations accordingly.

  • The planet controls one’s ability to love and feel with ease and flexibility and also influences one’s ability to value his/her own personality, in order to make a successful and prosperous future for oneself. However, when challenged, Venus can push us towards criticism, making us feel ungrateful or unhappy, and making us withdraw from friends and family. Instead of embracing the beauty that surrounds us and enjoying the gifts that each day brings us, a negative influence of Venus can destroy the happiness in our lives.

  • Earlier, astrologers would also interpret the position and influence of Venus in a person’s birth chart depending on the native’s gender. The reason for treating Venus in a man’s and woman’s chart differently was believed to be based on the idea that men may tend to ‘disown’ and ‘negate’ the traits that are governed by Venus. This does not mean that men do not share these characteristics, however, in some cases, these men tend to project these traits onto a significant woman in his life.

  • Venus rules how and why one forms attachments to others. A major aspect of this includes attractiveness, i.e the ability to attract and how one gets attracted to other people (and things). Apart from ruling romance, leisure, sensuality and comfort in one’s life, the planet Venus also emanates harmonious and positive energy. This is why people with Venus in a prominent position in their birth-charts are quite good at maintaining peace and promoting positivity. Venus encourages natives to find a need to be appreciated, as well as to appreciate.

Other than that, when people consult astrologers, searching for love and looking for remedies to any relationship-problems, the position and influence of the planet Venus in the native’s birth chart is analyzed! The position of Venus in your birth chart influences aspects related to your marriage and finding love in your life.


For instance, when Venus is placed in your 6th House, it is indicative of being able to take pleasure in the work you do and the career/ job you are pursuing, Venus in the 9th House governs foreign travels and studying in a different country, or Venus in your 4th House indicates care and love towards home and family.


Not only can you learn how you tend to approach relationships, or how you spend leisure time and what gives you pleasure, but becoming aware of the placement of Venus in your chart can help you become aware of the areas in life you are seeking to balance, refine, and derive pleasure from.


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