Venus in Aquarius - Get ready for unusual love!

bell icon Thu, Mar 20, 2014
Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Venus in Aquarius - Get ready for unusual love!

Venus moving into Aquarius on March 5th, 2014 was an indication of love and relationships going the independent route. You will be intelligent about love and will have clarity about your own needs and expectations from a relationship. Conventions will certainly not appeal during this transit of Venus and if you find yourself being attracted to people of a different race, religion or culture, that's understandable. Venus will remain in this position till April 5, 2014. Aquarius is known to be the sign of the eccentric and with the planet of love transiting into this sign, what you can expect is love taking many surprising forms. Free thinkers will appeal to you now and you will find yourself enjoying the delights of many forms of communication.

During this transit, couples may resist being tied down and may look for space in their relationship. Space doesn't mean physical distance. It means respect for your partner and having faith in the bond that you share. When you ask too many prying questions or force your opinion on your partner, it shows a lack of understanding and trust. Venus in Aquarius is a time for being fair-minded and focusing on self-love to experience a deeper kind of love.

Freedom plays an all important role when Venus is present in Aquarius. You revisit all your old ideas about how you perceive relationships and love, and you do not shy away from questioning your beliefs. There are no rules when it comes to falling for someone. Love happens in a heartbeat and when you meet the one who's made for you, you know and you do not question how such a beautiful thing can exist.

This phase will bring out the best in you and will help you learn and grow as an individual. You will not be afraid to explore intimacy beyond what you've always known and will not mind delving deep into the many facets of love. Interpersonal connections will improve, as you love more freely now. You are willing to give more of yourself without fear of getting hurt or rejected. These weaknesses will not stand in the way of true love.

Having a life that makes you happy is the key to a relationship that enriches you in many different ways. How can you make another person happy, when you are not happy yourself?  Without finding peace within, it will be difficult for you to embrace happiness and share your life with someone in a meaningful way. Being passionate about your own life and pursuing your own desires will help you lead a much happier life with your partner.