Useful Vastu Tips For Your Kitchen

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Useful Vastu Tips For Your Kitchen

Are you getting a new kitchen constructed in your home? Or, are you remodelling your kitchen? The kitchen is a critical part of our homes. One can never imagine a perfect home without a kitchen. It is the kitchen where the food that nourishes you is prepared. As the kitchen plays such a crucial part, the kitchen must be Vastu-compliant. 

Let’s take a look.


Vastu Shastra and Your Home’s Kitchen

The kitchen represents the element of fire or Agni. Vastu Shastra- the science of architecture, believes in advocating the construction and design of building in harmony with the elements of nature and the natural laws of the universe. Thus, it offers specific guidelines. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that the kitchen has balanced energy and positivity. Additionally, the kitchen should be Vastu-compliant so that the atmosphere in the kitchen is imbued with positivity and good energy. 

A Vastu-compliant kitchen can ensure good health, happiness, and positivity in your home. When the home’s kitchen is as per Vastu guidelines, it will help the inhabitants to achieve their goals. It will also make the inhabitants confident and healthy. A Vastu-compliant kitchen can make individuals feel positive in their life. Additionally, following Vastu guidelines can bring prosperity, mental peace, and bliss to all those living in the home. To ensure that you benefit from Vastu, you need to follow the right guidelines that only a Vastu expert can tell you. 

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Vastu Tips for Kitchen to Keep in Mind

  • Tip 1- As per Vastu Shastra guidelines, the Lord of Fire- Agni governs the South-East direction of your home. This is why the kitchen’s ideal position should be in the South-East direction of your home. If, for any reason, the kitchen cannot be constructed in this direction, then the North-West direction is also a good choice. However, make sure that your kitchen is not in the South-West, North-East, and North directions as these directions will ruin the relationship between family members. 

  • Tip 2- To invite positivity in the kitchen, make sure to face the East direction while cooking. Also, ensure the objects or items inside the kitchen that represent fire, such as the cylinders, microwaves, gas stoves, toasters, or any other appliances, are placed in the South-East part of the kitchen. This will ensure positive energy. 

  • Tip 3- When it comes to colours for your kitchen, you should go for vibrant hues. Colours like yellow, green, orange, red, etc., should be chosen for the kitchen. Remember that the kitchen should never be painted black as this colour black can attract negativity. This can cause harm to the peaceful environment of the kitchen. 

  • Tip 4- Fire and water are opposing elements. This is why they should be kept separately. If they are kept on the same platform or parallel to each other, they can negatively impact an individual’s behaviour. Additionally, it can also cause unintentional fights between family members or couples. The water pipes, kitchen drain, washbasins, water purifiers, etc., should be placed in the North-East direction. Moreover, you should also ensure that these objects are placed at a proper distance from the gas stove. 

  • Tip 5- When it comes to positioning your refrigerator, opt for the South-West direction as this is the most appropriate direction. This direction will help you overcome the hindrances that might hamper the smooth functioning of your life. It will also ensure a peaceful atmosphere and enhance positivity in the kitchen. 

These are some of the Vastu tips that can make your kitchen the perfect space. A kitchen is a crucial place in any home. It is the source of happiness and energy, so you must consult a Vastu expert to enhance the kitchen's aura. 

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