How to maintain your mental, physical and spiritual health amid social distancing

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
How to maintain your mental, physical and spiritual health amid social distancing

How to Keep Your Overall Health Sound Amid Social Distancing

At a time of any major scare to human life like a pandemic or similar crisis, we tend to shudder. And for the good of our own and the society, it becomes vital for us to hunker down in our homes and keep a “social distance” to curb the spread. But social distancing should not lead to social isolation as it may take a toll on your overall well being whether it's mental, physical or spiritual.


In a scenario like this, it’s important to respond to situations rather than react, de-program and connect with ourselves to come with a fresh response to situations that loom over us. Because every cloud has a silver lining!


It’s easy to stir crazy with the amount of indoor time with crisis out in the world. Instead, make the most of your time at home as you follow social distancing.


Consider following some of these tips below to stay physically, mentally and spiritually sound. Hope, it transforms your inhibitions.


Take Advantage of the Social Solitude

We constantly live in a rushed and cluttered world that many of us might not connect to nature, to the divine and to each other. Now is the perfect time to slow down and . Learn a new skill, cook meals. Read books, write poems or letters, pray to your source of energy, call people up, or go camping for that matter. Whatever it takes to reconnect to yourself.


Consider practicing meditation

When life turns uncertain every now and then and makes our heads heavy, resorting to meditation can help clear mental blockages. It can easily help us find a place of peace within and self-awareness. Give yourself some space to connect to a deeper level and breathe before carrying on with your present life situation. The key here is consistency, the more regularly you meditate, the less likely that the crisis will freak you out.


Organize Your Space

The closet that you’ve been trying to declutter since winter but never happened or the kitchen cabinets that need reorganization. It can be anything. Make use of this time amid social distancing to keep yourself occupied. The perfect way for a distraction from overwhelming thoughts.


Practice Yoga

Love a walk? Why not try yoga videos at home. It’ll help cleanse the body and mind of accumulated stress and negative impressions. You can try simple and easy postures like Pranayama (breathing exercise) and Sukhasana (a simple cross-legged seated position) or other poses for that matter. Maintain your mental flexibility with being physically flexible. It will ultimately open up your anxious minds to positivity.


Nurture Positive Emotions

Disarm fear and negativity by embracing positive emotions. Try maybe meditation and breathing to experience calm, joy and other positive feelings. It’s up to you to see the glass as half full or half empty. By thinking positive we can give ourselves a renewed energy and enthusiasm to face life in all its complexity.


Chant Mantras

The spiritual practice of mantras is not just a powerful tool for social awakening but is also known to provide therapeutic healing to our body and mind. And many cultures have their chant mantras used not just in their day-to-life but also during the darkest hours of life. You must already have your go-to power mantra in your mind. These mantras will help us keep strong both mentally and spiritually. Continous chanting or listening to mantras can generate positive vibes around us.


Listen To Music

Who doesn’t like music? It’s obvious that music has a calming effect on us. Make your own playlist and put the music button on! From romantic to sad, rock to classical, hip-hop to spiritual, find music that soothes your mind, body, and soul. Music can help cut that anxiety with joy. So keep the playlist going and sing along!


Watch Your Favorite Movies

Films have always helped audiences around the world escape challenging times (even if it's’ for an hour or two) and transport us to a more enchanting world. Of course, we do it quite often. It’s oddly comforting! Download that online movie and TV shows streaming platform and watch your favorite ones. Or, simply turn the TV on.


Call People Up

When was the last time you spoke to your best friend from school? Or did you forget to wish your work buddy on her recent birthday as you were working from home? Remember people that you haven’t spoken to for a long time or the people you care. Facetime and catch up with your loved ones. During tough times, it's the human connection that keeps us going more than anything else.