There Is a Reason for What You Are Going Through in Life

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
There Is a Reason for What You Are Going Through in Life

It is said that one’s destiny is pre-written and you can do nothing about it other than enjoy the good times and bear the bad bits of your life, with a smile. Never look at the other side of the fence, because it always looks greener to you. The standard rule of making the best of your life is to concentrate on watering your own side. Your lawn will always remain green then.

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So, why is it that you go through what you go through? Most of us do not bother being thankful for the good things in our life and instead focus on what we don’t have. Remember, there are many who would be yearning for what you have and have been taking for granted. The wise attribute what you have and what you don’t have, simply to ‘Karma’ (past actions). “Your good and bad ‘karma’s’ catch up with you in this life or in the next. Do good and good comes your way. The rest is written in ‘your stars’,” they say.

Now where do these ‘stars’ come in this picture?

Astrology explains that human affairs and the natural world around you, are both influenced by the movements and relative positions of the celestial bodies. For example; climatic upheavals are the result of the influence of other planets in our solar system. In the earlier times, astrology was primarily used as a guide for spiritual development; a medium of forming an interrelationship between the objective universe and the inner aspects of yourself.

Today, astrology is used to understand the why’s and how’s of a human personality, behaviour and reaction to the environment he/she is in. The destiny of every native is decided by the position and transition of the celestial bodies at the time when he/she was born. Philosophers believe that any native is born on the day and hour, when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his/her individual ‘karma’. The celestial bodies serve only as symbols of ‘karmic’ influences, which the native set into motion, in the past.

Each planet and star exudes different energy or vibration that have a different effect on all humans. Sometimes, the combination of these energies produce a certain effect. All this depends on the House in which the stars are placed in a native’s birth chart.

While you may have no control over the position and transition of the stars and planets in your horoscope, you do have the ability to lessen the malefic planets effect on you; by preparing yourself to face the bad phases of life or channel it correctly. An astrologer can read your birth chart and give you helpful advice about bringing balance to your lives, to make it more harmonious and manageable.

When you come across a situation in life, which you cannot seem to handle correctly, consult an astrologer to identify the planet which could be out of balance and sending negative energy your way. The astrologer will be able to suggest some remedial activity, which could help counter or reduce the negative effect.