The Zodiac Deal Breakers That Lead To a Broken Heart

bell icon Thu, Sep 15, 2016
Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
The Zodiac Deal Breakers That Lead To a Broken Heart

Have you often been dumbfounded over heartbreaks that feel like they are your sour lot to deal with in life? The same dominant traits that mark your individuality might turn out to be the same qualities that sometimes make you prone to being rejected. How your zodiacs affect your temperament is quite overwhelming for some to accept without reservations. Not everything about your approach to love can be attributed to your zodiacs but more often than not, our love lives are ruled by the fault in our stars. To know more about how your sign is influencing your behavior that can spell doom for your relationship, read on –

Aries – The uncompromising nature of Aries can be a challenge for a partner who is willing to go the extra mile. The chief trait of Aries of being impulsive is exciting and promises adventure in the beginning but a couple of months down the line, this unbridled approach can be too exacting for a partner who is trying to settle down.

Taurus – Taurus natives are unforgiving of other people’s mistakes, and tend to hold a grudge longer than most. This behavior gets repeated ad nauseam when they bring up their partners’ mistake(s) every single time there occurs a fight between them even if the person has apologized. This obviously makes for an emotionally drained partner who’d rather have peace of mind than a piece of his/her Taurean love.

Gemini – Geminis have a strict policy of detesting a leash. They refused to be tied down and shamelessly flirt with people even after signing up for a monogamous relationship. This is disrespectful for the people involved with them, and they prefer to ditch the native of this sign than feel unwanted on a regular basis.

Cancer – Cancerians become too possessive once coupled up despite being independent at the conception of the relationship. The slow metamorphosis happens in front of the partner’s eyes where their jealousy is directly proportional to the intensity of their feelings; the more they fall in love, the more territorial they become.

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Leo – The vanity of Leos is a well-known phenomenon. Their egos are too massive for a relationship to contain without splitting in the middle. Their insistence on being right and having the last word in an argument brings about the premature demise of their love.

Virgo – The skepticism and the ability to assess things might be a good combination in life generally but it spells disaster for their love lives. The smallest of issues are blown out of proportion because they can’t help but obsess over the meaning of it all. A tiny conflict will seem like a large enough reason for them to think of the relationship being on the rocks.

Libra – Librans are consumed with their desire of fixing things. Little do they realize that their relationship involves two humans and not objects that are in need of renovation. Their idealism blinds them to the flaws of people and they go on a self-sabotaging spree of fixing their lovers to fit the image of a perfect partner they have in their heads.

Scorpio – Scorpios are always brimming with passion which is a highly sought after quality in partners but their passion sometimes overrides all other emotions; to an extent that they tend to smother and suffocate people with its force.

Sagittarius – They have ridiculously high expectations of their significant others. Their extroverted and carefree attitude prevents them from accepting a slow pace, and the demands are too many too often that leads to trouble in paradise.

Capricorn – Their weakness of mistrust gets in the way of a fulfilling relationship. Their trust has to be earned through patience and sustained efforts, and a lot of people don’t have the energy or time for it. Once officially a couple, they tend to slide back into the old routine of being suspicious of everything.

Aquarius – Their proclivity for bluntness and honesty sometimes becomes annoying for the people they are with. Their habit of not mincing words is a sure-shot relationship deal breaker because it can sometimes border on insensitivity, and more often than not, they are oblivious to this obvious flaw.

Pisces – Pisceans are the most emotional of all signs. This sometimes acts as a deterrent in getting over past lovers. A new partner is immediately viewed through the lens of longing for an old flame, and all their fantasies are projected onto the new love interest. This can be overwhelming for even the most resolute of partners.