Yogii - A Little Bit of Magic: The Universe is Listening!

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Mina Yogii By Mina Yogii
Yogii - A Little Bit of Magic: The Universe is Listening!

Ever watched the Disney movie Inside Out, in which all the emotions in our head have a life of their own? Now, how about we imagine our own movie called Youniverse- Outside In! where there are stations staffed by millions of Electrons, one called Abundance, the other that is fairly small called Fame, one called Talent, a really big station is Hard Work, and the biggest of all is a station called Struggle.  

This is where it gets crazy. Imagine all these stations are like radio stations that are out there somewhere in the ethernet communicating with one another and communicating with you!

They all have different frequencies, and like all radio stations, if you want to listen in, you need to tune into that frequency. 

But how? How do you tune into these "stations," and frankly, why are you tuning into these stations?  How can you change your life, your circumstances using these stations, or at least some of them?  

There are all kinds of songs playing out there. Sad songs about heartbreak and looking for love in the wrong places,  uplifting songs about breaking free and finding success in the middle of the Amazon forest. But ultimately, you choose the song!

The radio station doesn't reach out to you; it has always been there. Always! You reach out to it or change it through your thoughts and much more. 

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Andrew Mathews talks about Eric the Electron in his amazing book 'How Life Works,' and so I'm going to dedicate this blog to him because he is exactly why these stations in the Youniverse tune in every single day, every single moment, to play your song.

Some of you are wondering what on earth I am talking about and are reading out of curiosity to see if I am going to actually tell you, and others are nodding their head and saying, we know exactly what she knows!

Most of us are listening to the Radio Struggle; it's the most popular channel. It is often what we grew up listening to, so we are comfortable with the songs we hear. For the longest time, I was waiting for permission to change the channel, till I understood, a little late I might add, that if you want to change it, change it! 

If all your thoughts, all your songs, are about the weak and weary, that is exactly what you will see and hear in your life.  Struggle, bills, worries, and more of the same.  But what if you changed your thoughts? What if you started listening to Radio Abundance?  How would you make that change?  By changing how you ‘unbox the gift of life!’ You look at it with excitement, think of all the new things you can begin today, and imagine exactly how you would feel when those desires, big or small, are achieved. To begin with, start the day with gratitude for the gift you have been given and gratitude for what you will receive. Start now, tune into Radio Abundance. 24*7!

✍️ By- Mina Yogii

Mina Yogii is an inspirational speaker and writes a weekly blog, 'Yogii…A Little Bit of Magic,' showing people how to find their abundance and tread their life’s journey more gently. She enjoys helping people unfold their unlimited potential in a manner that is very simple to understand. You can share your feedback with her at mina@yogii.in. You can also follow Yogii on instagram