The Tarot Magic

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
The Tarot Magic

The practice of Tarot reading has its origins many centuries back. It came into existence around the 15th century, when it was used for playing games. These cards were first created for noble families, to celebrate special occasions. By the 18th century, the tarot cards began to be used for divination, to help people in their everyday life to understand and predict what life has in store for them.

While no one actually knows the origin of the word ‘Tarot’, some believe it to be derived from the Italian word, ‘Tarocchi’. Others claim it came from the conjunction of two Egyptian words, meaning,”Royal road”, indicating that tarot was the path to wisdom.

This art has always been considered ‘magical’ and so is grouped along with the various occult sciences. This is because Tarot reading is done with the help of intuition and there is no scientific explanation for its accuracy in predicting the future. Everyone cannot be a clairvoyant and so the Tarot cards can only be interpreted by those who form an intuitive bond with them.

Tarot reading is done with the help of 78 tarot cards. The deck is divided into two sets of tarot cards-the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana has 56 Tarot cards which are broken into four suits of fourteen cards each. The Major Arcana has 22 Tarot cards. Each card has a symbolic meaning and has images which appear quite mysterious and fascinating to a lay man.

Tarot cards were related with gypsies and the fortune tellers. Today, this is a most sought after means of divination as it not only helps foretell the future, but is also believed to unlock deeply hidden desires and provides wisdom and guidance in the spiritual plane. What earlier was used as a source of entertainment, has today gained immense popularity as a means of knowing about the future or outcome of a specific event.

Technology has taken this art a step further and today there are several Tarot apps online, from where the querent can get meaningful readings. It is a popular medium for introspection and gaining a new perspective about any query. Not only as a medium for finding answers, but there are many Tarot apps available online, that can be downloaded for learning how to read the Tarot cards. These Tarot apps give step by step detailed instructions on how to connect and use the Tarot cards for effective reading. 

Today the Tarot magic has the querent coming back for more. The Tarot apps, when downloaded on the smart phones, make accessibility to tarot reading, easy. Life can be made more organised when one has a guidance force behind you. These Tarot apps can be really cost effective and many are also free. Do down load only reliable apps, even if they are paid ones as they have genuine and experienced Tarot readers on their panel. You really don’t want to get wrong guidance when you already are confused about the course of action to take.

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