The Right Career Choice According to Your Horoscope

The days when parents decided their child’s career is over. Today, children themselves decide the course of study they want to undertake and the career they want to follow. It is for the best because he/she would be choosing the career which is best suited for their interests and skillsets.

The new millennial does not want to be stuck with the traditional engineering or doctors degree. Instead; most of them are being enterprising and starting their own startups. While some are cut out for this high pressure work, there are others who still opt for the 9 to 5 desk job. Today, careers that involve sports, music, painting are looked at with seriousness and not with an aghast expression by the family members. Instead, these are encouraged.

It thus, makes sense to check out the birth chart of the native to see what they are best cut out for. The placement of the planets in the key Houses of his/her birth chart are clear indication of which career would suit him/her best. The 1st, 2nd, 6th and 10th house in the birth chart are responsible for career and how good the earnings will be.

When Mercury is well-placed in a birth chart in the 10th House, it blesses the native with quick-wits and intellect. The native would be good in areas related to numbers and logic. Computation skills would be excellent, so careers related to teaching, software, accounts and finance would suit him/her best.These are people with a creative mind who could do well with startups.

When Jupiter rules the 10th House, the natives should take up a career related to treasury, finance, politics or religion.

When Venus is in the 10th House, the native would do well in a career related to music, entertainment, art or hotel industry.

When Moon rules the 10th House, the native would do well in careers that deal with travelling, public dealing, coastal and marine jobs or being a restaurateur.

If the planet Saturn rules the 10th House, the native would flourish in a profession related to mining or labour dominated manufacturing unit.

If the malefic Planet, Rahu, is placed in the 10th House, the native will show more inclination towards engineering, politics, research work, aviation, or as a stock broker.

If the other Shadow Planet, Ketu, rules the 10th House in the Birth chart, the native will have religious inclination and would do well in religious deeds, astrology and maybe occult sciences.

When the authoritative Planet, Sun, rules the 10th House, the native would work him/herself into an authoritative post in the Government or Corporate sector. He/she could do well as a doctor and if they show an inclination towards business, they would well as a jeweller.

When Mars rules, it makes the native do well in fields of aggression and survival, like military or construction related profession.

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