The Magic of Purple Plates

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
The Magic of Purple Plates

Looking for ways to improve the energy that surrounds you? If your answer to this simple question is 'yes', you need to look no further. Learn all about positive energy purple plates here! These magical plates are highly recommended by those who have used them and gained from the experience.

How do these work?

Purple plates are said to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. They have a healing and a calming effect on you. Those who remain constantly worried or suffer from anxiety can seek help from this energy healing source and improve the quality of their life. Arguments at home will slowly fade away and balance will be restored at home. The presence of these plates at home can have a magical effect on you and you'll find yourself in a positive frame of mind. Sales of these plates increased a great deal post Linda Goodman's revelations about how one can heal and use these plates to increase an individual's energy level.

"Precisely how the plates work should not be of as much concern to you as what they can do for you. There are so many mini-miracles the plates accomplish (some of which you'll discover for yourself) it's difficult to detail all of them. Here are just a few.

First and foremost, the plates will slowly but very surely raise the vibratory frequency of those who use them, and that's of prime importance. They will reduce the negative vibrations in food, water, other liquids and tobacco. Many people who own them place their food on the larger size plates, while it's still in the shopping bag from the market, for about fifteen minutes. Travelers often find that the water in a foreign country makes them ill, but it won't if the water is energized on a purple plate for two or three minutes. Cigarettes become milder after being placed on the plate for fifteen minutes or so, and pineapple, for instance, will lose its sour taste and become sweet-tasting.

The magic I personally find to be the most helpful, involves pain. When a purple plate is placed on a burn or a cut or tied with a ribbon or cord on an ache or a pain anywhere in the body, healing is noticeably accelerated, and the pain either greatly lessens or disappears entirely with amazing swiftness, usually within five to ten minutes, seldom longer than twenty minutes. This is accomplished by the plate's energy in returning the injured cells or tissue to a normal vibration rate; thus the healing and disappearance of pain is due to the afflicted area being returned to the proper balance." - Linda Goodman.

There are several other benefits of using purple plates

  • The energy drives away fatigue, helps you sleep better at night and you wake up feeling fresh in the morning.
  • Diminishes the sensations of Nausea.
  • They are said to emit positive energy and can affect objects placed on them.

Spiritual teacher Joshua Stone refers to the plates in the book "Beyond Ascension": "One of the most extraordinary tools I have found to raise my overall energy and even light my quotient is the Positive Energy Plate. I am not one for gadgets. I have seen them all and I use almost none of them. The one exception I make is the use of the purple plate, which I am sure many of you have seen. It is actually a free-energy plate. The Purple Plate not only cleared the food of all negative energy and negative residues such as pesticides, but also energized the food. Now I put all my food on it and continue to be amazed."

Nikola Tesla understood that the cosmic symphony is resonance. Nothing exists in the Universe that does not have harmonic vibration. In realizing this, Tesla influenced the production of personal oscillators that vibrate in tune with "the luminiferous ether." The inventor of the purple plates, Bergstresser carefully studied anything written about Nikola Tesla's experiments, and attended many lectures given by Tesla. They were introduced, and quickly became friends due to their shared interest in free energy. Over the course of the next 20 years until Tesla's death they had numerous conversations on the process of tapping free energy. After Tesla's death Bergstresser was able to discover the secret of altering the aluminum in the Positive Energy Plates from clues and notations in Tesla's notebooks.

This is how the purple plates came to be.