The lines on your palm

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The lines on your palm

Shakespeare with his infinite wisdom put it across aptly, ‘It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.’ Every individual yearns to foresee their future, to predict their actions and their resultant consequences. Though the forthcoming years might seem to be heavily fogged with no beaming headlights to guide you past it, there is a definite way to blow clean the haze into a slight blur. The study of the palm of an individual to determine their future has been undertaken from time immemorial. However, what most people are unaware of is that palmistry transcends foretelling the future. The lines on one’s hand narrate predications of their physical, emotional and mental well-being.

There are four major lines on the hand which are indicative of the different aspects of a person’s character and prospects. The first line is referred to as the heart line and it travels from the little finger to the index finger. This line mainly suggests towards the emotional stability of an individual thus focusing on their romantic perspectives, emotional capacities and depression tendencies. There are various interpretations of the line depending up on its length, curvature, continuity and so on and so forth. For example, a straight and short line indicates towards lower inclination towards romance while a long and curvy line shows free expression of feelings and emotions. If you have a circle on the line you might be subject to sadness and a broken line predicts an emotional trauma.

The head line is the second line which lies below and runs parallel to the heart line. This is representative of an individual’s learning ability, communication approach, intellect and desire for knowledge. It helps to establish someone’s perspective and way of thinking. Moreover, it is a good indicator of how a person perceives themselves and their approach towards measuring their achievements. In the case of the head line, a curved line points toward creativity and spontaneity while a straight line shows practicality and a structured line of thought.

The line beginning near the thumb and running in an arc towards the wrist is the life line. Contrary to popular belief, the length of the line does not point towards the length of life of the individual. The life line evaluates the holistic well-being of a person, physical health and any major life change. It primarily indicates towards vitality and strength. Therefore, this line spells a cautionary tale for people so they take decisions thoughtfully and considerately. A break in the life line predicts a major life change. However, the way in which a person responds to this change will determine either its benefits or its ill consequences.

The last line is the fate line and is not possessed by everyone. It lies parallel to the life line, generally seen as being diagonal across the palm. As the name suggests, it helps to determine the degree to which destiny plays as a factor in someone’s life. The fate line shows the extent to which circumstances are within a person’s control and the level to which conditions will be manipulated by external, uncontrollable factors.

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