The Gujrat Election 2017- Astrological Analysis By Astroyogi

Friday, December 8, 2017

The much anticipated Gujrat election is not far now. The election result would reflect the BJP government’s acceptance among the public. The first phase of election is slated to be held on the 9th of December and the second phase on 14th of December and the election results will be announced on the 18th of December. All eyes are on the Gujrat election result to find out how the people of Gujrat would support the BJP govt after all those radical steps taken by prime minister Narendra Modi. Expert astrologers of Astroyogitakes a look at the astrological aspects which can provide us with some insights about this election.

If we go by the day of inception of BJP then the party’s zodiac sign would be Scorpio. Saturn/Shani is placed in the third house of Scorpio and Scorpio natives are going through the last phase of ‘Sade Sathi’. These aspects can make achieving victory a herculean task for the ruling party. The fact that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also a Scorpio native indicates that his charisma and proves would also be hindered by many other external factors.

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On the other hand, if we look at astrological aspects of the Congress party it belongs to Virgo sign. Virgo natives are going through ‘Shani ki Dhaiya’ now. Saturn is positioned in the zodiac sign’s fourth house. Saturn is the key significator of fame and public support, but the planet is not positioned favourably for Congress. The lord of the sign Mercury is also retrograding which indicates that it is very difficult for Congress to win this election.

To get proper insights about the election results it is also important to analyze the horoscope of the main leaders of each party. In that case, the most important leader for BJP would be Prime Minister Narendra Modi and for Congress would be Mr Rahul Gandhi. Narendra Modi is a Scorpio native and his ascendant is also the same. Now he is going through the ‘Mahadasha’ of Moon according to the expert astrologers of Astroyogi. Since October he has been going through the ‘Antardasha’ of Mercury. Moon has been transiting along with Mars according to his birth chart which forms the ‘Neech Bhang Rajyog’ and ‘Saubhagyalakshmi Yog’ in his birth chart. According to these astrological facts, we can conclude that Moon would work in Narendra Modi’s favour which would bestow some confidence and success in his efforts.  At the same time retrograding Mercury would bring in obstacles and hurdles for the Prime Minister.

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Rahul Gandhi is a Sagittarius native and his ascendant is Libra.  He is going through the Mahadasha of Mars and Antardasha of Venus currently according to the expert astrologers of Astroyogi. These aspects of his horoscope show that though he would be able to get more followers and appreciation amongst his colleges during the election campaign. It would be more than just difficult for him to strike gold during this election.

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