What is it like to be a Gemini?

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What is it like to be a Gemini?

Gemini is represented by the Twins, and is the third sign on the zodiac wheel. One is considered a Gemini native if he/she is born between 21st of May - 21st of June according to the Gregorian calendar. They are considered as the perfect blend of the good and the bad and thus, just right to represent the Twins. These individuals are known to be witty, bright and full of life but the very next moment  they can be all wishy washy with sudden mood swings. Although they can be very independent, these individuals are always have an inner conflict of being confident yet insecure. According to astrology, air born signs are the sign of a thinking person with an intellectual mind and Gemini being an air sign does justice to it. Love them or hate them but you will always remember them. Here’s why:

1. They are quick in every sphere

These individuals are fast on their feet more than you can ever imagine. They are quick witted and spontaneous, thanks to their clever and curious nature. These individuals are likely the same in both their personal and professional life. Even if they are known to be chilled out and laid back, if they don’t find themselves in the company of interesting people or indulge in interesting activities they turn into impatient and restless human beings.

2. They love to talk

Yes, these individuals love to talk and do not mistake these conversations for an idle chatter. The driving force behind their conversations is the powerful combination of wit, intelligence and their forever probing nature in search of something new. Be it any situation, Gemini born individuals never fail to impress and are known to possess gift of the gab. If you are out to impress a Gemini, well the first quality you must possess is you should not just love to talk but have a great deal of knowledge in varied topics.

3. They have more than one personality

They represent the Twins for a reason. Their multiple personalities is what defines them and is also one of their most well-known attributes. The fact remains that they are very intuitive and highly adaptive. These individuals have countless personalities, whosoever said two is wrong. Given a situation that they encounter, a Gemini born person may not know which side of him will show up either. The difference may range from subtle to something terrible. This trait is often mistaken as them being not real and fake but that is not the case and you cannot blame them, it’s just them revealing their different sides of personality.

4. They have extreme mood swings

Their mood swings are so extreme, it can make them inconsistent and this is also one of their most irritating trait. One day they can be wonderful and the next day they can be a mess. Their minds can change with the wink of an eye, they do not have control over their emotions. They really do have different personas. For these individuals nothing is singular and sometimes this leads their life into disorder.

5. They are creative

These individuals prize intellect and this is one their most important assets. They are multi-talented and can actually have their hands all over doing different things at once. Well, this can be good but can prove to be detrimental at times. Being multi-talented has its own flaws as sometimes they may lack direction and struggle to keep their focus on a particular task. But again this quality alone makes them a prime asset as an employee for their organizations or in other words the most valuable component, jack of all trades Gemini individuals are. 

6. They’re shallow

Call them superficial or shallow but they will not deny it. They like to be in the limelight and sometimes their shallow nature becomes apparent when they lay stress on things which are very superficial. This is also one of their negative traits: they are quick to pass their judgement on people based on superficial things. This is the reason why it becomes important for you to work so hard to change their opinions about you once they have made up their mind about you.

7. They’re hard to tame

Gemini individuals are extremely independent and they value their freedom. They loathe to be pinned down by any rules or anyone for that matter, or else they may feel choked and suffocated. They believe changes are for good and they feel the need to explore the world on their own and learn from their own mistakes, this is very important for their mental well-being. The same rule applies for them when they are in a relationship as well where they are not bogged down and can be themselves. They look for similar qualities in their partner as well.

8. They hold their grudges

If you have wronged them, they will forgive you easily but they will never forget. They are very tolerant but once you break their trust, it becomes difficult to regain their trust. Although they will care for you but their inability to move on and forget what they went through creates a rather uncomfortable and negative surrounding not only for them but for all the people involved. Be careful as they can be quick to replace with someone who are more trustworthy.

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