The Charisma of Debilitated planets

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
The Charisma of Debilitated planets

Time has witnessed the fact that no element in his universe can be complete good/bad. In the world of Astrology, EXALTED planets i.e. the planets in the peak position to deliver good results have been praised. A native feels apprehended when it comes across a DEBILITATED planet in the horoscope, without understanding the fact that such planets have a unique ability to bestow favourable results to a native in disguise.

Let me quote an illustration on this. Every year during Diwali, three planets are Debilitated in transit. These three planets are Sun,Venus and combusted Moon (Amavasya Moon). Now one can very well imagine the auspiciousness of Diwali in our lives, but with THREE DEBILITATED planets?

Further probing on Debilitated planets clears the understanding that Debilitated planets are not weak and they do not cause harm on all the significations related to the planet. Let's say, SUN debilitates in Libra and Exalts in Aries, now before going further an understanding is required on the fact that "WHY" Sun exalts in Aries and Debilitates in Libra.

Sun being the king among the planets does not favour closeness to everyone, as not everyone can interact with the king. Being the king it demands protection that can only be delivered by a bodyguard/commander-in-chief. Mars happens to be the commander-in-chief of the Gods. So SUN exalts in the Aries zodiac which happens to be Mars’ sign. Alternatively , a king is known by the virtuous and brave deeds of his commander-in-chief/army, so Sun exalts in Aries.

Sun debilitates in Libra which is ruled by Venus. Venus holds the position of a minister in the Sun' cabinet. A minister/advisor influences the mind faculties of the person in authority. One wrong advice can destroy a kingdom. So a king has to be very wise in seeking advice from his ministers. Moreover, in a standard horoscope Libra governs the 7th house, the house of conjugal life. If a king indulges in too much pleasures or luxuries of conjugal life, it harms the bright future prospects of his kingdom. So Sun debilitates in Libra.

Now having understood the reasons for exaltation and debilitation, we need to understand that when Sun exalts in Aries, it brightens the good results for the house where Aries zodiac is placed in the horoscope, but it may not enhance the good results flowing from the house where Libra is placed. The good results may pertain to lifelong support from one' own father, elevated status, enhanced dignity in the society, king like status in profession, boldness etc. as the case may be.Likewise, a debilitated Sun may not harm the good results flowing from the house where Aries is located. Such a Sun may cause marital discord, late marriage yet making the native full of enterprising nature, bold, entrepreneuring abilities etc.

Now it is worth understanding thatthere's a difference between the positive results of Sun in Aries and Sun in Libra. The native with Sun in Aries may be rash and uncontrollable in his actions butthe native with Sun in Libra would be an enterprising, authoritative, bold in a very opportunistic manner/conditioned manner. He would think and rethink before exercising some authority. So Sun in Libra deliversfavourable results in its own unique manner.

The same principle holds true for all the remaining planets. Debilitated planets deliver patience, perseverance,practical approach to life & endurance to the native. Feel blessed, if you have a debilitated planet in your horoscope.

Acharya Nitin Datta
Vedic Astrologer