The Best Way to Vent Out

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
The Best Way to Vent Out

Anger issues cannot be completely avoided but they can be minimized . Sometimes you know how to avoid such situations, sometimes forces beyond your control make you lose your cool. Some people show their anger, some like to keep these feelings bottled up and present a composed front. Based on your sun sign, find out what you need to do when you get angry and what the best Vent-Out-Exercise for you is.


Aries loves to take control but if they fail to do so, higher flames of anger can envelop this fire sign. To vent out their anger, Aries can play some action games on their desktops or play stations. And listening to music while hitting the buttons of the remote control will keep them cool.


Taurus being an Earth sign is very patient most of the times. But if they are forced to lose their cool, they explode faster than any other sign. They give fire signs a run for their money. For them an easy way to keep their anger in check is to do some gardening, as it helps them let out pent up stress. As Taureans love gardening, they’ll surely love this exercise. Also, it brings them closer to their element, i.e. Earth.


Gemini does not easily give up; they are logical and diplomatic. They are quiet and peaceful but don’t like the idea of other stubborn signs like Taurus, Leo, etc. of forcing their respective point of view on any subject. For Gemini, playing an indoor but a fast game like Table Tennis or Badminton is likely to soothe their nerves. Hitting the ball or shuttle cock will ease them.


Like Taurans, Cancerians are also slow to anger. But if someone plays a catalyst with Cancerians, the result will be disastrous. Though, Cancerians know how to keep a cool head. They may be an introvert sign but they like to talk. Also they love to travel. So the best thing they can do to vent out their anger is to travel and talk to the strangers about random things. Talking does help.


Leos are powerful and self-controlled but if they are instigated then it’s too difficult to control the fiery lions. Leos may start swearing if they get mad. Leos love to dance and dancing is one of the most effective stress busters. Stomping may help them get over their anger issues quickly.


Virgos may be dangerous for themselves if they are angry. If the level of their fury is at the peak, Virgos become violent. They are tech obsessed, so they can go online and play some live action games with other online users, beat them up hard and vent out their anger without even hurting themselves or others.


Librans believe that they are very composed and keep themselves cool. That’s actually somewhat true but their habit of not speaking to anyone about the root cause of what had pissed them off, makes them one of the most deserving practitioners of these Vent-Out-Your-Anger exercises. If they can’t speak about it, Librans can really let go and not pretend. Painting and sketching help Librans cool down.


Ruled by the Mars, God of War, Scorpions are not the easiest of signs when they are furious. They don’t believe in ‘let it go’. They follow the trail and are always up for revenge. For them, the best way to put behind their fury is go to a maze house and try to get out of it as soon as possible. This would engage their skilled mind and won’t allow them to desperately seek revenge.


They are honest, but Sagittarians are too blunt to give an honest remark. This may be considered insensitive by others and they may feel offended leading to an obvious argument or a verbal spat or worse. Once pissed off, Sagittarians become aggressive and the dark passengers inside take the charge. Sagittarians are always experimenting and that’s the key to keep them cool. They must try different things, for e.g. they may go for Bungee Jumping or ride a Flying Fox. This will keep up their adrenaline rush but in an adventurous manner.


Usually, Capricorns are composed and practical but if they are provoked and their patience is tested, then they may create a scene anywhere. This comes as a shock to even those who are close to Capricorns. In such hyper moments, Capricorns need to learn what helps them switch back to their original self. Reading light-hearted books help.


Composed, diplomatic and an easy-going zodiac sign, Aquarians are most of the times there to resolve issues between the furious ones. But sometimes, they may get dragged into the conflict and if they do, then Aquarians are like a tornado. There are many diversions for the knowledge seeking Aquarians to keep themselves out of trouble. A great book or solving puzzles help.


Emotional and sensitive, just like the fellow water signs, Pisces gets angry very often. If Pisceans get angry, they are likely to resort to harsh words. They don’t listen to anyone in such situations. However they have a tendency to forget and move on, which helps them in the long run. Pisceans need nothing else but their element water. Water sports will help Pisces stay peaceful.