The Anatomy of a Great Life with Astrology

Thu, Sep 10, 2020
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Thu, Sep 10, 2020
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
The Anatomy of a Great Life with Astrology

People look to the stars for guidance, wondering if astrology can help in improving life. To understand how astrology works in making life a great experience can be further understood in this article.

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A tried and tested ancient pseudoscience, astrology can help to alter one’s destiny to a certain degree. The rest depends on the force of the divine and nature. 


You can use astrology to gain control of your life. The important thing is to act at the appropriate junctures. The right astrologer can give you objective advice, which can help in taking the right decisions.


Astrology can be used as a self-help tool to guide you through the many situations presented in life. Just as the human anatomy is to science, our astrological birth chart / horoscope chart / kundali is to astrology. The birth chart is the blueprint of our lives. And it is as unique to us as our thumb impression. Astrology can effectively read and analyse the chart and tell us in advance about the potential opportunities and problems.


Our birth horoscope can determine our strengths, weaknesses, talents, and future purposes. It cannot be denied that astrology can help to keep us safe from negative circumstances and sail through unfavourable events. And thus, it allows us to make the most of the positive situations.


The best thing about astrology is that it can be applied to all aspects of life. Whether it is love, relationships, education, career, business, property, marriage or any other area -- astrology has all the insights. Astrology has the power to warn us and help us deal with any future ill-effects or negative influences of a planetary transit or aspect. Thanks to its practical remedial properties, we are able to negotiate sharp turns and go on to lead happy and contented lives.


Remember that astrology is no magic. You can’t make things disappear or get something that you desire just like that. But yes, astrology can surely show the way and guide you to your life’s purpose, and help you channelise your energy towards things that are meant for you.


Reasons for Believing in Astrology


People believe in astrology for different reasons:


  • They believe that whatever the astrologer says is true and useful.

  • People wish for a life that is meaningful and in order without any judgement from others.

  • Astrology is considered to be a religion or a faith that operates on a spiritual level.

  • Astrology is privy to all aspects of people’s lives more than they themselves are.


In a nutshell, astrology is treated as a personal indicator of life’s events by many. It can balance the strong and weak points and indicate a way out of the problems in life.


So what are the advantages of astrology? Firstly, it is objective because the birth chart is independent of individual opinions. And secondly, it is very detailed -- it can describe every aspect of life minutely. Last but not the least, astrology is a great means to determine the perfect timing (muhurat) for certain actions and events.

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In conclusion, astrology in conjunction with the power of the universe including the stars, sun, moon, and other planets can shed light on your life’s path when it is dark and give you a great, meaningful life.


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