Tarot Reading for October 2018 by Mita Bhan

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Tarot Reading for October 2018 by Mita Bhan

Famous Tarot Reader Mita Bhan unfolds Tarot horoscope for the month of October 2018. Read on to find out what is in store for your sign this month. Consult Mita Bhan now on Astroyogi now!


Something’s changed so much that you have no choice but to go with the flow. Though a part of you may be resisting things, or unwilling to open your mind you really have very little choice. At the work front, you may have to take a few more risks if you want to get ahead. And quit worrying about what the others are up to. The key is to stay grounded and willing to change. Relationships may go through a rocky patch this month as your stubbornness could lead to some differences. The more you learn to listen, the better things become. 


Oops you may have been splurging a bit too much lately and may end up feeling the pinch in the days ahead. The month’s barely begun and you’re already broke. Resolve to spend carefully in the days ahead and learn from your mistakes. At work there may be a misunderstanding which could lead to a temporary state of confusion, but it will soon resolve. Your better half or your partner may be under the weather or simply moody this week. Don’t expect sympathy, remember, there are some moments in life when we just have to go through things on our own.


Wow, you make a killing this month when it comes to money matters. A bonus that was due to you comes your way. Or you receive some unexpected money. If it doesn’t happen that way, then you feel more secure than you’ve ever felt before. A good time to invest, or to sort out any bank matters, the cards promise greater wealth and gains for you in the years ahead. In the domestic front you may decide to renovate your home or buy that car you’ve been eyeing for a while. An old flame or suitor may rekindle feelings of nostalgia within you.


It’s time to start believing in your own abilities and stop relying on other people for their approval. The only way to grow and rise is when you trust your inner voice, and know that you have what it takes to be a success. You may have to deal with an extremely ruthless and ambitious person and if you don’t stand up for yourself you may get completely trampled upon. Even in your love life, speak up when upset. Repressing emotions and feelings will only lead to pain for you. Be bold and fearless dear Cancer, it’s time to seize the bull by its horns and make a name for yourself.


You’re your at your most optimistic this month. And if you aren't out partying, you soon will be. Even at work, your cheerful attitude will be picked up and appreciated by the team. And if there’s a celebration due, why not asap? Just make sure you don’t eat or drink too much. Know your limits or else you may find yourself a little under the weather. Good news comes to you in your love life. The one you’ve been eyeing for a while now likes you too. Or you and your mate decide to renew and strengthen your bonds with one another. A good month to love and spread the love around! 


A project comes to an end. And don’t be surprised at the amount of praise you receive. Your efforts are not going unnoticed. And if you continue this way, then there can only be greater gains and glory coming your way. You may find yourself appreciating and enjoying the finer things of life, and may even splurge on something luxurious or precious. Go ahead and treat yourself. An outing with your friends may be just the thing your soul needs. Enjoy yourself, but not for too long. There’s a lot ahead of you that you need to accomplish.


Your clarity and determination is unstoppable. With your principles and your values intact, you set out to get to the heart of the matter. A good time for study, research and planning. Your attention to detail is at its sharpest, and when it comes to intellectual might, no one comes close to you in this period. While you’re busy intellectualizing don’t forget to pay attention to your health. Remember, all work and no play? Take time out to chill.


With your determination to win, you’ll surely overcome all obstacles that stand in your way right now. Just make sure you don’t step on anyone’s toes in your climb to the top. A sudden change of plans or an obstacle may take you by surprise – stay grounded and prepare yourself for a minor detour. Remember your success story is all up to you. Take control of your situation and decide what risks are worth taking and what aren't. Watch out for being a little too controlling in your personal relationships though, expect resistance and fireworks to your ideas.  Relationships could turn explosive suddenly.


Get in touch with your inner child again. Enjoy being playful and carefree. Spend time in the company of young ones and discover the joy of living in the moment. Work matters run smoothly. And in your personal life a part of you just wants to have a great time. Old school mates may have a reunion, or you may get in touch with someone from a long time ago and relive the old memories. Remember the more we give of ourselves and our energies, the more we receive. Money that was owed to you will be returned, be patient.


You’re restless, impatient and just can't relax. Figure out what exactly is bothering you and try and do something about it. If it’s beyond your control, let go. Your heart may not be in your work in the days ahead and you may dream of leaving it all behind and going off to dream destination. Even in your relationships with loved ones you may feel like something’s missing. The dissatisfaction dear Capricorn, comes from within yourself. Meditate, introspect and find out how you can change from within.


Whether you notice it or not, you are surrounded by well-wishers and people who truly love you. Positive energies abound and it’s up to you to do something good with the love that’s flowing. The key to happiness may be right in front of your eyes and you need to pay attention to the signals. This could be the start of a lifelong love affair. Or a marriage. Or the start of a new chapter in your life where things work your way, and where you attract only the good things of life. Take advantage of the good feelings.


We all need our space and solitude. And this month seems to be the month for wanting time out. You may not feel like gossiping in the workplace over tea. Or going for the party you’ve been invited to. And besides who says you have to. Recharge your batteries and enjoy your solitude. Just make sure you don’t overdo it that’s all. A good time to reassess your work and achievements, and set long term goals. Lady Luck smiles at all those preparing for tests and exams.