Tarot Reading for November 2018 by Mita Bhan

Tue, Oct 30, 2018
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Oct 30, 2018
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Tarot Reading for November 2018 by Mita Bhan

Famous Tarot Reader Mita Bhan unfolds Tarot horoscope for the month of November 2018. Read on to find out what is in store for your sign this month. Consult Mita Bhan now on Astroyogi now!


You may be feeling trapped in a situation or in a relationship that seems impossible to get out of. Look at things objectively. Are you really stuck or are your imaginary fears holding you back? Time to face whatever it is that holds you back boldly and break free. A good month to reconnect with people you've meaning to meet for a while. And sorting out financial matters.  Expect stress but remember it will only be temporary. Take frequent breaks if it starts building up.


After a phase of disappointments and delays, hope reappears in your life. A gateway of possibilities opens up and you feel renewed. A month of creative inspiration, spiritual growth and even some dreams coming true, it's time to tap into your truest potential. Love matters blossom and you may find yourself getting more attention than before. Enjoy this phase dear Taurean. But do watch out for splurging unnecessarily, before you shop ask yourself is this something you want or actually need.


Busy busy days ahead! If you tend to get overwhelmed by the number of things to get done, get organised and delegate. A month of meetings, parties and reunions. Family members will support your decision to change your life. And you may take the initial steps towards important life changing choices. A sense of harmony pervades the weeks ahead, just make sure not to overindulge in the good things. Discovery seems to be the key word as you open your mind to possibilities and rediscover an old friend.


You may have a tendency to trust the wrong people. Or give much more than you receive. This month sees you facing a few unpleasant truths about others. If you're feeling used by them, stop this trend before it gets to you. On the job front, expect a shocking a revelation or  the sudden departure of a trusted colleague. Financially not a month for taking unnecessary risks, it's time to hold on to what you have, reassess things and then move forth. Health matters remain stable but bringing in a little more self -discipline into your daily routine could do wonders.


If you don't ask for what you want, you won’t get it. Speak out, ask and persuade. This month sees you taking more charge of an area in your life you've been a little casual about. Streamlining, organising and decluttering seem to take centre stage and you discover the joys of living minimally. An older woman may need attention and do heed the advice of your elders. Express yourself more emotionally with your loved ones. Your expenses may go a little overboard so do control your spending.


If you feel taken for granted, ask yourself if you are taking others for granted too. Don't allow the behavior of others get you stuck in a pattern of disappointment. Break out of the predictable routine this month and do something totally different. Or better still; identify a personal weakness and work on it. Money and work matters run smoothly though your heart may be elsewhere. You may go through a phase of absolute boredom with your routine. Watch out for a nagging ailment, timely treatment is advised.


If something's truly broken and over, don't waste time trying to fix it. Walk away and focus on something else. A month for learning to overcome setbacks, realize the weeks ahead of you are teaching you to be more resilient and flexible. A promising project or offer could fizzle out mysteriously. Just move onwards, the cards advise. Earnings begin to start increasing over the following months. Friendships deepen and a special someone may commit. The only things you have control over are your own thoughts.


Feelings of well-being, harmony and peace dominate your energies. You feel more relaxed with your achievements and pretty confident about the future. People pick up your vibe and you may find yourself more popular in certain circles. A good month to meet old friends and family and show them how much you care. A sudden flirtation could turn into a short, sweet romance. This month favors financial gains, lucky breaks and money that was owed to you will show promise of being returned.


After a few hiccups in the beginning of the month or the start of a project, things start to move swiftly and smoothly. The clearer your goals are, the faster you will reach them. Watch out for bouts of impatience and irritability at the work place. Coworkers may not appreciate your gung-ho approach and may slow down the pace. A lovely month for redecoration and renewal, your creativity is at its height and you may spend on art and artifacts. Travel plans may be delayed, but your optimism allows you to overcome any setback.


Something comes to an end and something new begins. You may start a new job, shift houses, or break up with an old friend in this period of change. Don't look back, this is only part of change, and what’s ahead looks brighter and better. Since you've discovered your worth you won't settle for anything less. It's okay to be choosy, just don’t take so much time that the opportunity floats away.  Promises may be made for long-term financial gains and earnings. Keep an open mind to differing points of view.


If you've been in conflict over something, or struggling with a challenging atmosphere, the cards foretell resolution and the return of peace. Use logic and facts to back up what you say and people will believe you. An older man at the workplace may be controlling. This month favors discussions, debates, negotiations and planning. The more detailed your plan, the more success there is ahead. Health wise recovery is assured but some sort of compromise needs to be brought in to your daily lifestyle.


Clarity at last. A mystery is solved. Secrets are revealed. As you evolve you discover that everything is never really black and white, but more a shade of grey. A good month to prioritize your to-do list. Don't waste time on non-essentials. An important decision will be made regarding your future. A month of partying and pleasure but do remember not to go overboard.

Mita Bhan
Tarot Reader


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