Tarot Horoscope for May 2019 By Poonam Beotra

Mon, Apr 29, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Apr 29, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Tarot Horoscope for May 2019 By Poonam Beotra

Famous Tarot Card Reader Poonam Beotra shows what the cards have in store for all the 12 signs for the month of May 2019. Read on to know about the Tarot forecast for this month. Consult Poonam Beotra now on Astroyogi!


Do you hear some murmurs of dissent at your workplace? That’s just because you are asserting your method of working on others. May arrives with a warning for you to let go of some of the habits that are no longer serving you. You are smart enough to free yourself from these blockages if you want to. Remember, you can go much further in life when you do so.

The married Aries can expect some ‘good news’, but should keep in mind that simply providing material comfort to the better half, is not the solution to a happy married life. Singles; do spruce up in May as there are good chances of meeting a new partner in your work environment.

The universe encourages you to pack your bags in May and head for a well-deserved break, in order to unwind.


At some point, you have to change your perception about life and the fact that only money can provide happiness. Yes, it does provide security, which is the basis of any relationship, but balancing your materialistic nature with some emotions is very important. Your stubborn nature may be hampering your progress at work and even a small change in the way you were doing things will help you move forward. This is just not the time to throw in the towel, in case you were thinking of a change in your job.

Single Bulls; do not get flustered as love is on its way.

Use the month to build a foundation for good health. Get out of that couch you invariably make a bee-line for and try a new physical routine.


Are you feeling unappreciated at work? You are smart enough to know that you can walk away before the work environment feels oppressive. But stop and ask yourself if this problem is only in your mind. May warns you not to be too indulgent. Many a time we splurge on nonsensical things in order to keep our minds off more important matter.

If your partner is giving you inviting looks, it is time to add more oomph to your relationship.

Single Gemini, who may be going through heartbreak, may meet an old lover and things will look rosy again.

You and your health will stay true to each other and exercise will help you rid yourself of your emotional and physical baggage.


May asks you to have patience at the work front. Don’t be hasty and just walk off without a thought. Good times are coming your way either in the form of a new opportunity or success in the current workplace. You could get a chance to join others on a worthwhile project. Teamwork is important this month, Cancer. Meanwhile, share your concerns with your partner so that both of you handle money matters carefully.

Even if the doctor gives you a clean chit, don’t overlook any warning signals that your body may be sending out to you, especially if it concerns your private parts. Take a second opinion.

Single Cancers may be in a dilemma, choosing between two partners! Take this positively. Many would love to be in your shoes as they may not even have a partner! 


Balance is the keyword for the Lions in May. Patience and perseverance in your workplace and a more mature approach towards your finances is suggested. Yes, you love everything big and flashy, but let’s stop eyeing that new car in the showroom. There will be another day when you can proudly drive that out with enough leftover cash to throw a party.

Is your partner in a sulky mode? It was expected. You need to put in some effort in your love relationship. Did it not strike you yet that a relationship cannot center only around you?

If you have caught the bug, don't worry as it will heal without much fuss. No harm though, in getting that blood test done.


Even though your meticulous approach regarding any problem ends up in a win-win situation, it is time to be a little less stubborn about your views. This month you need to be careful about committing to an offer that looks very rewarding. Don’t hesitate to ask a few questions before making any decisions. Avoid swiping your credit card at the drop of the hat as May cautions you to stay within budget.

For the married women, May could bring in some ‘good news’ while those who have been working on their health will reap the benefits.

Try not getting into an ego battle with your loved one even if you get a feeling of being manipulated by them.


Don’t allow your colleagues to take advantage of your affable nature and pile their work on you. Those who just took up a new job may feel overwhelmed by a conflicting environment. A ‘peacemaker’ Libra may just be a God-send for them.

Single Libras could begin to wonder where they are going wrong in their search for their soulmate. Remember, love strikes when you are not looking for it. Maybe that hike which you have been putting off or that ‘me time’ stroll in the park, is the Universe’s way of telling you where to find your partner. Libras in a relationship should not allow other people’s opinion to cause misunderstanding between them and their loved one.


Gear yourself for the new heart-centric career offer that is coming your way in May. Those already happy in a job will get some news that will improve their current situation. Prosperity will be on a high and the Universe urges you to share this blessing by giving back to the community in some manner.

You thought you were unnecessarily putting too much effort in maintaining relationship with your loved one but May will prove you otherwise.

With so much good happening, isn't it time to consider making that final decision regarding that health issue which you are scared to face? Do it now or matters could go out of hand.


Your love to be the center of attraction will be on an all-time high at your workplace. You may be required to travel because of an important project entrusted on you. A new creative opening may make you feel vulnerable at first but will help broaden your horizon.

Enjoy an upswing in life as you could also be receiving some unexpected funds this month. Go out and have some fun, without overspending of course. Now that you have to spend less time fretting about finances, spend some quality time with your better half.

The stork could be visiting couples who have wanted a baby for some time now. Those who are looking for stronger commitment should have more trust in their sweethearts.


Your ambition for launching your own business or changing your job seems to be right around the corner. Your drive and determined nature of getting things done is well known, but do make sure you have done your homework well before you take this plunge. Your financial situation specially asks you to do your research and know everything that you need to know to make sure the outcome is positive. Fortunately, your health will be your ally.

But with so much on your mind, you may not have time to be more committed in a relationship. Don’t forget to stop to smell the roses or you may lose on a beautiful romance.


Agreed that you are so logical, but you are also unconventional and an ‘out-of-the-box’ thinker. Yet you are not using your mind where it matters the most. Is some fear plaguing your mind? If you have been worried about finance, May shows a distinct improvement in it. The month though comes with the statutory warning of doing your research before taking a plunge in some big venture.

A relationship that has weathered storms will now be more fulfilling as the month comes to an end and even provide some financial security.

If all this does not lift your spirits, maybe the fact that May promises to heal you from your past injuries that were both physical and emotional, will do the trick! 


Were you contemplating a change in your job? May could throw a few options towards you and whatever you decide will go in your favor. Your very strong intuition will guide you well. Do not focus on getting big results now and instead be more attuned to any opportunity that can improve your financial status.

Yes, you may be too busy with your career to commit yourself in a relationship, but no harm in boarding the ‘love bus’ that is invitingly calling you. You can always get off at the next stop, if you wish to.

Meanwhile don’t ignore your health and head towards the nearest doctor, as any bugs you catch now, can be squashed down easily in the preliminary stage.

Poonam Beotra

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