Tarot Horoscope For July 2019 By Poonam Beotra

Wed, Jun 26, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Wed, Jun 26, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Tarot Horoscope For July 2019 By Poonam Beotra

Here’s what the Universe has in store for all the 12 zodiac signs for July 2019. Read on to know about Tarot Horoscope for this month. To know more about yourself personally, Consult Poonam Beotra now on Astroyogi. 



July may make you want to burst out singing, “I must have done something good”(Sound of Music), as life would seem to start falling into place suddenly. So, this month you need to learn a huge spiritual lesson by coming to terms with the fact that ups and downs in life are inevitable. Your efforts at your workplace will pay off, but that’s because you improved your outlook about people and your own self. The universe, this month, is in hand in glove with changing your destiny for the better.


Lots of positivity coming up in your love life too, so if it makes you click your heels and sing aloud, go ahead and do that. Your loved one may help to lead you up to the path of health too. Be careful of any skin ailments and try to use a good sunscreen for protection.



Be a source of positive influence at your workplace rather than being bull-headed and stubborn. When a work environment becomes hostile, it takes away the motivation to perform well. If you are at some fault, accept it with dignity. You have always been focussed on your work and this month you may even be rewarded with a raise in your salary. Those who get an offer for a job, should reconsider the proposal as the work environment here may be unfriendly and the colleagues, power-hungry. 


If you are feeling unsure about your love interest, this is the time to withdraw temporarily from the relationship and sort out your feelings.


Keep a close eye on what you eat and if need be consult a doctor. 



Looks like you are not enjoying your current job profile as it is not giving you satisfaction. You feel your talents are not appreciated here. There is no harm in being proactive and start applying to other companies, although this is not a very good month for getting a job of your choice.


The Gemini who has been waiting to hear from a potential employer needs to cool their heels for some more time.


If you are beginning to feel the pinch, do not fret as someone will help you financially.

Use this waiting period to strengthen the rapport with your loved one instead of obsessing about your situation. Worrying while waiting for the call, thinking too much will unnecessarily create health issues, o try to keep a cool mind.



Just the month for you to give that extra push in your career as you will soon be a ‘star’ at your workplace. You will have emotional satisfaction, which is so important for your peace of mind. Cancers who are getting a job offer, should not think twice before accepting it. 

This is a great month financially and knowing you, you will not hesitate to share your blessings with others. 

Are your moods swinging too much with your loved one? If you think you have not been fair in your relationship, this is the time to make up for it. You should not expect your partner to adjust to your emotions every time.

If you are feeling emotional more often,  it is time you concentrate more one yourself rather than everything going around you. Try and relax, an annual visit to the doctor might be a good idea.



You will enjoy your workspace as everyone will be at the same frequency, working together for a common goal. You have worked hard to reach where you are, but remember that if you slack, there are others who could fill up your shoes. So, stick to your guns and continue that hard work. Financially, you will reach a point of stability and to maintain this, you need to remain focussed.

In the process of all this hard work, if you overlook your partner, their interest from you may shift to another. Or, it may even be you; seeking comfort in someone other than your partner’s arms as you feel you are better understood by this one. You need to be more cautious this month, where your relationship is concerned.



If you have finally decided on doing something your heart desires, this is the month to go for it. You can harness your will power and the energy of the universe and by applying it to any new project, you will taste success. Take back the power from people who have been controlling you and instead take advantage of the right opportunities that are going to open up before you.

Balance your expenditure with your savings and you will be good to go.

All the plans you made with your loved one will also fall into place beautifully and those who are single have a chance to meet their soulmate, maybe even while traveling.

If you think you have been lacking on the energy level for some time, you can take a better look at your life by practicing yoga or meditation or consult a specialist to help you out. 



You will know how to plan wisely while exercising self-discipline in achieving what you want in your career. You can lead a team well and others will recognize this capability in you and you will earn respect at your workplace. Being a leader, though, comes with its own price tag as you cannot sit back and relax.

 It’s time you thought of some better plans to correct your rocking financial situation. Try tapping on your creative abilities to bring in more positivity to yourself

Your relationship with your loved one is becoming healthier, so three cheers for that.



Distance yourself from anyone who undermines you at your workplace. You know you are good at what you do, so who are you proving what to? Take no notice of the dramas that go on around you.

Ignore that tiny voice at the back of your head which is goading you to give up on your love relationship because you cannot see it making much progress. Most relationships need working on and maybe this is one of those that is really going to test your patience. Hopefully, you will be thanking your stars later for taking small steps towards your ‘goal’.

If you are feeling upset because of lethargy, it’s time you paid a visit to your doctor.



Be cautious about making new investments this month as there is no room for risk-taking or gambling. Remember, if things don’t go as you planned, don’t throw good money after bad. If you think promises have not been kept at your workplace, maybe it is time to let go and move onto something more rewarding. 

July suggests doing a 180-degree turn in handling your relationship. If you think you have been compromising always, try putting your foot down now. Although all relationships require sacrifices of some type, yours is asking for a little more this time.

Meanwhile, if you have been suffering from pain in your joints, it is better you take advice from a specialist.



If you think your business is going downhill, now is the time to take advice from a veteran or bring your past back into your working style. Use a traditional approach to be more successful. Meanwhile watch out for that expense sheet, the graph of which is spiraling upward!

The single Goats who are still debating whether they should date this interesting person or not should just go right ahead. The Universe is bringing you both together for a reason. Even if it doesn’t end up tying the nuptial knot, this relationship will bring with it a friendship you will cherish for life. Keep an ey on your health as you may need to visit the doctor to get yourself checked.



You need some healing energy in your life at this time. You are not paying heed to the warning about curbing your appetite for swiping credit cards. You do need to get your financial goals back in order. Those who started a new business venture, should not expect an instant result. Relax. Your time will come.

Some of you may have the option of a choice in jobs. The options are both good. Take up the one that resonates with you the most. Go take that walk in nature and you will come back with a clear mind.

Your instincts are strong this month. Use it well. Rely on it even for sorting out your relationship issues. If you are not happy with your loved one's attitude, do not analyze the situation too much. Instead, listen to your heart and go by your feelings.



A long overdue journey related to your career may crop up this month. Look at the travel as a change from the mundane workspace. Those looking for a career change will also strike it lucky. You now need to decide a fresh course of action regarding your finances. With the new source of income, introspect a little to check out how you can be comfortable while saving for the rainy days.

Relationship with the sweetheart needs working on or it may lead to disappointment. Go spend some healthy time together because if you are taking things for granted, don’t be surprised when you look up from your busy schedule and not find him/her there!

With so much going on in your life, do not overlook the most important aspect-health. Try to eat nutritious food and keep exercising.

Poonam Beotra
Tarot Reader


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