Tarot Horoscope For January 2020 By Poonam Beotra

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Tarot Horoscope For January 2020 By Poonam Beotra

As the new year, 2020 begins, any pain you may have endured in 2019, I hope it comes to an end. May your tears stop as doors open to shower you with blessings, miracles favour you to make this year one of the best. Let’s see how the universe extends its divine energy your way in the first month of the New Year. 


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 As the year begins, be prepared for your career making a 360-degree turn for the better. You will get a chance to tie up some loose ends and make new beginnings. You will also be blessed with the emotional maturity to handle your work with good team support thrown in. Those of you wanting to join in the family business will get a chance to do so. All this good luck still does not give you the license to take risks with your finances. Curb the itch to go easy with the credit card and to get trapped in ‘inviting looking’ schemes.


The new year will begin on a romantic note with Lady Luck right beside you in your relationship predicts the tarot love horoscope. So, get ready for a passionate month of romance with your loved one. Do not be disappointed if the intensity of the desire weans off slowly. Instead, make the maximum use of this magical time.




The new year may herald a change in your career for desirable growth. Maybe it's time to leave the current career scenario as there is something better waiting for you out there. Do get your finances in order before you make this decision. There are indications that if you have been too comfortable with your savings, you may suddenly face some unexpected expenditures. A Bull is normally always prepared for the rainy days, so just a little cautious approach should suffice. On the other hand, those who were facing a pinch in their savings can relax this month.


Be prepared for some change in your relationship status too. Do not fight this as it could be for your higher good. You may need to handle your relationship differently this year, starting from this month, to take it to a new level.




While your career asks you to be careful regarding your colleague/boss, your finance this month will give you some relief. You can go through a little mental turmoil at your workplace and it is better that you confront your co-workers openly about it than turn your back to the situation. If you are getting tempted by some new offer for a job, be a little cautious as the offer may not turn out to be as exciting as it appeared. Chances of getting some unexpected money is good, so go out and have a little fun with it.


You may just want to go down on your knee to propose to your sweetheart because of the compatibility you will be enjoying with her/him. Enjoy this month of togetherness and discover lovely things about your partner, which you may never have noticed till now with the help of  tarot horoscope.




If for some time, you have been toying with the idea of starting a business with a partner, this could be the ideal time for you to do so. But be warned that if it is with someone of the opposite sex whom you also find yourself attracted to, you need to exercise some caution about mixing business with pleasure. Some Crabs may be at the crossroad of their career, having to make an important decision. Do the groundwork well and trust the Universe to lead you onto the right path towards success. You will start the year on a good credit note. Work hard to add to this through the year.


If you find something amiss in your relationship, maybe it’s time you sat up and took notice. Sort out the disagreements between you two, if any. Your intuition will be strong this month. Use it to check the where’s and why’s of what is going wrong. 




With the advent of the new year, promise yourself not to focus on the downside of your career and ruin the sleepover things that you cannot control. Instead, change your outlook and feel the change in the outcome as you start to make small changes in your ways of handling situations. Be more creative and more inspired to use your abilities. You will find lots of opportunities unfolding before you, to make your dreams a reality. Have patience and you will soon reap the rewards of your hard work.


This is also a great time to socialise and attend reunions with friends, in spite of your work commitments. Especially the Lions who were feeling lonesome, should get out of their self-pity mode and share happy time with others. You may meet your new love and soon realise that life is falling back into place. Remember, if an old relationship did not work, it was simply because a better one was meant for you.


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The New Year reminds you to exercise patience with your co-workers. While it is great to encourage them to do better than their best, always keep in mind that everyone cannot be so diligent, efficient and organised like you. Not only do you need to be more forgiving, kind and fair with others, but you also need to restrain being harsh with your own self. Bring balance at your workplace to create a perfect environment for you & your colleagues.

Since you value money and are always cautious about it, this is a good time to make some sound investments, that will add to your bank balance in the long run.


If you are feeling lonely and think you have no one to share your feelings with, remember it was you who was intelligent enough to walk out of the bad relationship. You were serious and faithful from your end and you deserve someone who respects that.




Were you expecting a new job offer in the new year? Looks like the offer letter is on its way. You value your financial comfort, along with the material comforts of course, and have always worked hard to achieve it. Somewhere you need to make a promise to yourself this year to not be stubborn and rigid about your opinion of the ways of working. This is a good month to invest your time in learning to master finance. Make the best use of this abundant and fruitful period of your life.

If you were going through a painful period with your loved one, the new year asks you to stay still and allow this time to pass. Maybe you have idealised your relationship with your partner and it is time you realised whether this will work or not. The truth may hurt, but it is better to face it than prolong the agony.




You need to change some old pattern of yours or some addiction, that is sabotaging your career and not allowing you to move ahead. If you are unhappy at your place of work, do not be fearful of exploring other options. The year, from the very start, is gently trying to caution you about some shortcomings in you, which you are completely capable of overcoming, provided you are willing to make the attempt.

On the bright side, you need not worry about your finances, which will remain steady, and instead concentrate on moving forward in your career by shaking off whatever is holding you back.


Meanwhile, open your heart in your love relationship and give yourself entirely to your partner. Love is about mutual affection, loyalty and honesty. Trust your partner and you will open an exciting world of opportunities and experiences for yourself.




The ‘flighty’ Archer needs to reign in his desire to move on to explore more options in his career and instead wait to see how the situation unfolds at his workplace. If you have put in your best at some project, you must have some patience and give it time to unfold. You may feel that things are not working out or are moving very slowly, but in reality, the seeds are growing. Avoid stomping on them or leaving them unattended at this stage.

If you are financially dissatisfied, it could simply be because you are making mountains out of molehills as you are stressed and anxious. 


This is also not the time to give up on a love relationship that you feel is not working. Instead, spend some time in self-development and you will realise that with a little compromise, the relationship could be salvageable.




If you are facing a tough time at your work front, stay positive as this situation is just temporary. You may find it a hopeless state of an affair but turn to your spiritual angels for guidance and you will find a way to sort it out.

You have always worked on being financially secure and while the first month of the new year assures you of this security, the universe is also gently asking you not to achieve this status through being materialistic or greedy or stingy.


This month, take some time to introspect. It will help you develop your ideas and self-reliance. Also, use this time to sort out your relationship issues in case you are feeling unsupported and alone. Those who are single may also find out more about what they are looking for in a companion. It may also help them find a way to rope in a better partner.




The need of the hour this month is to exercise caution at your workplace. The businessmen should play their cards close to their chest and not share any business plans with others. If your career appears challenging to you, maybe you need to be more realistic about your capabilities. There could also be some hidden facts that you are not aware of and it would be best to be alert at this stage.

This is not a good time to get involved in financial dealings which you are not very confident about. A small slip or an impulsive action may significantly affect the money flow.


If ego hassles are coming up in love relationships, maintain a boundary with your partner. Do not allow the other to manipulate you with guilt or emotional blackmail. Your partner may even be cheating on you. Remember, most relationships wilt in the absence of love and respect for each other.




The year starts by encouraging you to search for truth and deeper meaning in what you want to achieve in life. Maybe your creative and artistic abilities are not getting a chance to be used in the current job profile. Time to change jobs? Do you want to explore a different line of work this year? Think carefully before you take this leap, as what you do now will have a long term and far-reaching implication in your career.

Your instincts are strong and you can trust it to help you make the right decision. Do that and you will reap the rewards. When you rake in some profits, do not forget to share the blessings with others.


Use the same judgement and instinct while attracting a partner in your life or taking the current relationship to the next level. If your loved one is not spending quality time with you, maybe he/she genuinely has his/her hands full. Be patient and supportive at this time.