Surya Grahan 2021 - The First Solar Eclipse of the Year

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Surya Grahan 2021 - 1st Solar Eclipse of the Year

Astrologers believe that during a Surya Grahan (which means Solar Eclipse), individuals experience a spiritual push, away from our fixed patterns and towards unknown domains. While it may initially result in some distress and confusion in our lives, Solar Eclipses promote extraordinary spiritual and professional growth.

A Solar Eclipse occurs when a New Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. Compared to a Lunar Eclipse, a Solar Eclipse is often considered more powerful as, during this period, the Moon overshadows the Sun. 

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 In Astrology, the Sun, in conjunction with the Moon, is considered one of the strongest and most important aspects. It represents numerous possibilities for individuals and can give you the ability to rightly put yourself at the forefront of new plans for the future. 

The Total Solar Eclipse on Thursday will occur in the Taurus zodiac sign. This solar eclipse is believed to be auspicious. Apart from being a refreshing period to take stock of our positions in life, the Surya Grahan impact on zodiac signs will also bring good health, prosperity and riches. It will be a good time to connect with people, and this period will also act as a good omen for ending conflicts with friends and loved ones through peace negotiations. For those who can remain patient, keep an open mind, stay determined, and work hard, this Total Solar eclipse can make your dreams come true! This will also be an ideal time to prepare for future goals and ideas, but make sure you plan properly and get them down on paper. 

 The month of June will be quite intense, giving us the potential to purify, clean, close the loops around some wounds or incomplete tasks. The June Surya Grahan will give individuals the power to move away from old, detrimental unconscious patterns. This is the time to question your old habits and behaviours and search for innovative and inventive ways to make progress. 

The Solar Eclipse on 10 June 2021, at 1:42 PM (IST) and will continue till 6:41 PM (IST). It will be an annular or Total Solar Eclipse, in which the Moon will completely block the Sun’s light and cast a shadow over Earth. Apart from the solar eclipse, aspects of a New Moon, which represent the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle, may also influence individuals. While on the one hand, the influence of a New Moon only lasts for four weeks; on the other hand, a Solar Eclipse can last for about six months. 

This period will represent an auspicious moment for seeking closure for less pleasant events in our lives, and finally letting go of the past, and keeping ourselves open to newer and better experiences!

  • The Timings for the June 2021 Total Solar Eclipse (Time in New Delhi*)
  • The first location to see the partial eclipse begin 10 June 13:42:20 PM
  • The first location to see the full eclipse begin 10 June 15:19:50 PM
  • Maximum Eclipse 10 June 16:11:54 PM
  • The last location to see the full eclipse end 10 June, 11:33 AM to 10 June, 17:03:43 PM
  • The last location to see the partial eclipse end 10 June, 13:11 AM to 10 June, 18:41:19 PM


*Please note that the local times for Delhi are meant as a guideline, and they do not mean that the solar eclipse will be visible there.

The timings for the June 2021 Total Solar Eclipse will vary across the globe. India will not be able to witness this rare celestial event, but eastern regions such as Arunachal Pradesh will get a glimpse of it a few minutes before the sunset. While in the north and northeastern regions of the USA, the timing will be around 4:12 AM (EDT) and end at 9:11 AM (EDT), and in parts of the UK, the timing will be around 10:07 AM (BST) till 12:26 PM (BST).