The Sun Transit into Aquarius on 12 February 2021

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Father of the planetary system – Sun which signifies the government, authority, power, ego, self-esteem, pride, etc. which is also the karaka for the soul. It has great importance in Vedic Astrology and the life of human beings. Sun is going to transit into the airy sign Aquarius on 12th February 2021 and it will continue to stay in this sign till 14th March 2021. The Sun is transiting to his son Saturn’s sign, so it is not a very comfortable position. Father and son do not have a good relationship but still, the father wants to give blessings to his son so Sun will be lenient in this position. The energy of the airy Aquarius will fan the flames of the fiery Sun; thus, the position of Sun in Aquarius makes the native short-tempered. Sun is transiting from the 11th house of the Kalpurusha kundli so the focus of people will be on growth and gains, they would like to accumulate wealth and will avoid spending money, even on essential things. People will try to take part in social gatherings to improve social connections and come forward to help others. During this transit, Sun will transit through Dhanistha, Shatbhisha, and Purva Bhadpadra Nakshatra. Dhanishtha is a Mars nakshatra so this time authoritative people and law enforcement agencies will be more powerful. This will be a good time to settle property related issues. Shatabhisha is Rahu's nakshatra so it will create illusion in a social environment, but it will be a good time for the research scholars and scientists. Innovative ideas will lead to new inventions. Purva Bhadrapada is Jupiter’s nakshatra. Jupiter’s wisdom and the sun’s authority will create positivity and better management in society. Transit results depend upon the placement of the planets in the natal chart and the dasha of the person so the result may vary from person to person. Let us analyze the common effects of this Sun transit on different signs.

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The sun transit will take place through the 11th house, which is the house of gains, aspirations, hopes and wishes, friendship, elder co-born, social connection, etc. This is a very favorable transit for the Aries natives. Your focus will be on building a social relationship. Social networking will help you to generate new leads in your career. Group projects will give you honor and glory. You may involve in more than one work at a time. You will get stately and persevering success. Their sagacity will give them fame and a good reputation in this period. Leadership positions can give more gains if they work well in the team with their juniors. There is a good chance of growth in this period both in a career as well as in finance. Students will work hard in their studies and will achieve success. Intellectual abilities will increase, and you will be keen to gain as much knowledge as you can. If you want to start a new business partnership, this is the right time. Your spouse will help you with financial gains. Overall, a very good time from the career point of view. 


Taurus natives will host the transit of the sun through their 10th House, which is the house of profession, permanency in service, honor, authority, and social status. In this position, the sun is getting directional strength, so it is a very powerful situation. You will have a deep desire to shine. you will set goals and work dedicatedly to achieve them. It is a very positive transit for your professional career. You will get new opportunities in authoritative posts which will not only provide financial gains but also increase your social status. People who are interested in politics will also get a chance to make a career in this field. Newcomers who are searching for jobs will have a good chance of getting one in this time frame. People who are looking for jobs in the government can get their offer letter at this time. You will have a good chance of success in competitions. Intellectual abilities will increase, and students can focus more on their studies. You may face issues with your partner. It is the time to control your expenses, be mindful while shopping. Unnecessary expenses could create financial trouble for you later down the road.


Gemini natives will host the transit of the sun through their 9th house, which is the house of dharma, luck, father, foreign travel, etc. During this period, Gemini people need to be very careful. There is a chance of fraud happening to you by a known person, so do not blindly follow the advice of people. They should not disclose any secrets related to their career as people will take advantage of these and you might feel cheated when they succeed using those secrets. This is the time when your hard work and strong dedication will not provide any good opportunity but do not stop, continue with your efforts, you will defiantly get fruits of the hard work in the future. If you are planning to change your career, it will be better to postpone the idea. This is the time which you are to pass calmly, and any change can create a major problem for you. You might make plans for a long journey. This is a good time for spiritual development. Your attraction towards religion will increase and charity work will help you to come out from a difficult situation. Students who are pursuing higher studies will be benefited from this transit. You need to be very careful about your father’s health. Relationships with your spouse will improve and this is a good time for single people who are looking to start a new relationship.


The sun is transiting in the 8th house, which is the house of longevity, house of transformation, spirituality, inheritance, research, debts, thefts, and robberies. During this period, you may have to face financial challenges during the initial period of the transit but, later, in this transit, you will get paternal property or unearned money in the form of a gift which will bring your finances back on track. This is the time of transformation and/or change. You may retreat yourself little from the hectic pace of work. This is an excellent time to create a budget or financial plan for the upcoming year. You should try to avoid any unnecessary financial expenses otherwise you might have to go through a financial crisis in the near future. This transit can help you to clear out psychic junk or any bad habits which you want to eradicate from your life. You will be in constant fear due to unnecessary things. There will be mental restlessness so it might be a good time for spiritual practice which will help you to keep cool and calm down. You will be willing to explore life secrets and will try to study more about similar concepts. To avoid negative influences of this transit chant Gayatri Mantra or you can recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra to worship the sun. 


The sun is transiting in the 7th house, which is the house of partnership, marriage, business, etc. This is a very good transit for the Businessman. There is a chance for your business to expand which will give you financial gain later down the road. Competitive skills will help you to get the desired results. You must work hard to prove your importance in the office. You will work confidently which may lead to the path of success. You may get popularity which will depend upon your ability to cooperate and harmonize. You will try to be more authoritative in your workspace. From a relationship point of view, your egoist nature will create disharmony with your partner. There is a chance of constant disagreement between you and your partner, so be careful and control your ego and anger while discussing stuff with your partners. This transit does not support good health so please take care of your health. There is a possibility of medical expenses during this period.


The sun transit in Aquarius will cause the planet to get positioned in the 6th house. This house signifies enemies, debt, disease, daily routine, service, duty, and responsibility. Working professionals will be more dutiful towards their work and responsibilities and will try to finish their daily routine activity with confidence. They will look for quality at work so they would be at top of their game. Based on your experience, you would like to separate the worthwhile from the worthless and will get several opportunities to get rid of things that you do not work in your life. Relationship with your boss will improve and you will get appreciation from them. Business personals will try to take loans to manage their expenses. Expenses will be at an all-time high. This is the time when lots of your money will go in payment of taxes to the government. Your health will not be at its best in this period, so please perform yoga exercises to keep your health in check. The possibility of medical-related expenses could be seen during this time.


The sun transit in Aquarius will cause the planet to get positioned in the 5th house. which is the house of education, intellect, mantra, progeny, fun, hobbies, creativity, romance, gambling, and risk-taking. For students, who are seeking higher studies, this is a very good time for them. Their confidence and intellectual ability will increase and there is a possibility of getting fame through education. Students who are looking for scholarships may achieve one in this period. From a career point of view, People who are looking for jobs will get the opportunity, but they may have to go through a training process. Businessmen will be able to come up with a new plan and execute it more efficiently, which will give you prosperity, popularity, and profits. People will have proud moments due to the success of your kids. Your risk-taking abilities will increase and will try to invest money in shares and that will be fruitful for you in the future. Healthwise, it is a good time, and your immunity will increase. As far as relationship is concerned, if you want to strengthen your relationship keep your ego aside. 


Scorpio natives will host the transit of the sun through their 4th house, which is the house of mother, land, property, personal life, primary education, vehicles general happiness, parental influence, etc. This transit will give you a mixed result. There is a likelihood to buy a property or a vehicle. If you are planning to sell property, this is the right time. You may have a sore relationship with your mother. Take care of their health as they may face difficulty in this period. It is a good time for the student who is perusing primary education. From a professional point of view, working people may take bold decisions that will lead to the path of success. But your quick and explosive nature will create disharmony. There is a chance of constant disagreement between you and your subordinates, so be careful and control your ego and anger. This transit is supportive for love life and you will have a flourishing relationship with your partner. 


The sun is transiting in Aquarius will cause the planet to get a position in the 3rd house, which is the house of courage, bravery, fearlessness, younger co-born, neighbors, communication abilities, and short distance journey, etc. This transit is very positive for the Sagittarians. Their courage and valor will provide strength for their career life. Their communication skill and convincing power will create a new connection and there is a possibility of capturing more than one opportunity which will pave the path towards gain in the future. You will be able to impress people through your words. People connected with marketing or social media will gain new opportunities. Students who are pursuing higher knowledge will be benefited from this transit. People may have to travel in this period for work which will help them in their career in the future. Couples may have an amazing time together and you may take a small trip with your family which will strengthen family bonding. 


The sun will illuminate your 2nd house which is the house of secured wealth and family. Your focus will be on security and accumulating possessions. This transit will bring energy and enthusiasm to your work life. You will be focused and determined in your professional life which may give you prestige and prominence. The high-risk decisions you obtain for your professional life will give you success. This period is financially good and shows growth potential. You will focus on investments. This is a good time to invest money in property. You may have a dispute with your family members due to paternal money and property, but still, you will get your share in this. This is a time of educational excellence and you will be dedicated to your studies. Your family's social status will improve. you will get name and fame during this period. People searching for new jobs will get a good opportunity. You will spend money to show off and feel good but avoid spending too much money as it may cause you financial problems.

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The sun transit in your ascendant house, which is the house of your nature, health, and character. Aquarians will deal with society confidently and intellectually. They will fight for righteousness and will try some daring deeds without caring about their reputation. Their generous nature will help others and for that, they will avoid taking credit or respect. Their combative, impetuous, and pioneering behavior will charm others. Strong willpower will give them success in professional life. Your communication skill will help you to develop foreign relations. Students looking for foreign studies will have a good chance of getting accepted. Your focus will be on growth, gains, and desires fulfillment, you just want to accumulate wealth and for that, you will smartly invest money. Investment in the property will be fruitful for you. Expenses will be at an all-time high. Sun in Aquarius makes the native short-tempered. There might be ego clashes in the family so please think before you speak, as harsh words will distance you from your loved ones. 


The Sun will illuminate your 12th house which is indicating the time of rest, retreat, and regeneration. You will focus on attachments with things, people, and routines and will consider which ones are dragging you down. Your thought process will be spiritual, and you will indulge in spiritual activities. Ego and competitiveness will not be there. People connected with the MNCs or related to import/export businesses will have a good time. The work-relationship will improve. You will get new opportunities which will not only provide financial gains but also increase your social status. Take good care of your health to avoid unforeseen circumstances and maintain good hygiene and have a balanced diet. This transit may increase your expenses, so please make a proper budget and avoid unnecessary expenses. For the love life, your bonding will strengthen, and will get good care and support from your partner. Your elder sibling will help you in this period. 


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