Sun Transit in Scorpio and Its Impact on Your Sign

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Sun Transit in Scorpio and Its Impact on Your Sign

From the astrological point of view, on the 16th of November, some important changes are taking place in the movement of the planets. According to astrology, the movements of planets have a great effect on human life.

On this day, Venus moving retrograde in Libra will become progressive. Sun, that was inauspicious in Libra, will transit to Scorpio, which is auspicious. With the Sun coming near; Jupiter is asta since 12 November and Mercury will turn retrograde from 16 November. Let us see what the impact of the movement of these planets is, in your zodiac sign-

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Aries - For the Aries, the Sun is changing in the 8th House. From the 8th House itself, the movement of and Mercury is retrograding. The conjunction of Sun, Mercury and Jupiter will improve your power to initiate and you will be more confident. You will perform better professionally. Do take care of your health. Even the elderly will be needed to be looked after. Astroyogi also advises you to work in agreement with your seniors, in order to move ahead in your career.

Taurus - For the Taurus, the Sun is moving into the 7th House, along with Mercury and Jupiter. The 7th House is responsible for your married life. There is a possibility of an argument with your life partner at this time. Employed women will be blessed with success. However, in personal life, the women may face differences with their partner. For the unmarried males, chances of marriage are high.

Gemini - The movement of the Sun in the 6th House, along with Mercury and Jupiter, is a very good sign for you.It is a great time for business people. You will prove to be a challenge to your opponents. There is yoga to be successful in interview for job etc . You may have to go in some remote area for work. Those suffering from any disease can get relief. Since Mercury is retrograding at this time, there are chances of you developing some health problems and so Astroyogi suggests not to ignore any symptoms that may crop up.

Cancer -  The combination of Sun, Mercury and Guru in the fifth House can be very auspicious for you. Although at this time, Jupiter will be asta and Mercury will be retrograding, inspite of this, things are expected to be good for you. This will specially be a good time for the students. Your confidence will be on the rise. You will be honoured, both, in your personal and professional life. Those who are still unemployed and are looking for a job could get one. Those who are looking for a government job can also get success.

Leo - With the advent of the ruling planet Sun in the 4rth House for the Leo’s, there is indication of an increase in achievement for you. Sun, in the presence of Mercury and Jupiter ensures that you have the cooperation of your friends and relatives during this time.  For the people who are planning to buy a house or a car, there are good chances of buying a new house or a new vehicle. You may get the benefits of receiving ancestral property and will be blessed with full support from your spouse.

Virgo -  For the zodiac sign, Virgo, the movement of the Sun will bestow power and a sense of achievement in you. With the asta Jupiter and the retrograding Mercury in the 3rd House, the Sun’s presence will increase your ability to achieve more so that you can expect better performance at the workplace. During this time you will be quite energetic. You may also have to undertake small trips which will be successful. Younger siblings also have chance of getting full support from you. You may experience success in life, in general.You can also get some good news from your life partner.

Libra - The Sun will move in your zodiac and being in the 2nd House, along with Mercury and Jupiter, will increase your will power. You will also be relieved of physical distress. There will be increase in finance. This is a wonderful time for those looking to start a new venture. You will get new ideas at this time. This will be a great time for those who are associated with the creative field. Wisdom will develop. You can also benefit from ancestral property.

Scorpio - The planets are turning in your own zodiac. The Sun entering your zodiac along with Mercury and Jupiter, can help you retrieve your money. Professionally this time is also likely to be beneficial for you. Those who are working far away from their homes, may also get an offer of a job near their house. There are also chances of getting a government job. This period will also be very beneficial for the Scorpios from finance and education point of view.

Sagittarius - The Sun moving with Mercury and Jupiter into the 12th House in your zodiac, is indicating that you need to be alert as you may experience a lack of will power at this time. Travel is indicated during this time but be careful about unnecessary expenses. You may face obstacles in your workplace. The only way to achieve success for you at this time is by hard work. Work hard with full concentration and capability and you will definitely achieve success.

Capricorn - For the Capricorn, the Sun is moving in the 11th house. With a retrograding Mercury and asta Jupiter, you may face some health problems, specially those related with joint pain.  Good fortune is predicted for you. For business people, this time is likely to be auspicious. Any investment made in the past can benefit you. You can embark on a pleasant and successful journey. Overall you need to be careful about your health, all other areas in your life will be good.

Aquarius - Sun in the 10th House, along with Jupiter and Mercury will prove lucky for those wanting to start some new work. Luck will be on your side at this time. There are bright chances of getting aa government job too.Those who are in service, can expect a promotion.

Pisces - For the Pisces, the ups and downs in the movement of the planets in the 9th House, will be auspicious. Luck will be on your side. You will be blessed with favourable time. Your desires will soon be fulfilled.  You will also get support from the elderly or your seniors. In romantic life, relationships can also be expected to be cozy with the partner. Professionally you can get a lot of benefits at this time. Those who are trying to get a new home or a car can also get a good deal. #GPSforLife