Sun Transit in Libra 2019 and Its Impact on Your Sign

The sun would transit to Libra on October 18, 2019 at 01:20 AM. Libra happens to be the sign of debilitation (Neecha) for the sun and it is going to deliver varying results in different houses. This time the sun would be accompanying Mercury and Venus that have been occupying Libra for some time now. 

The Sun and Venus occupying Libra would lead to Neecha Bhang i.e. cancelation of debilitation of the sun due to the presence of Venus in Libra and this would affect the intensity of the results (good or bad) as per the placement of the sun in different houses of the birth horoscope.

Discussed below are the probable results of this transit in different houses of the horoscope according to the birth moon sign.

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The sun would transit to the 7th house and it is likely to deliver unfavourable results. You need to maintain your cool temperament especially while dealing with your spouse; otherwise, there can be serious marital discord. Your children are also likely to get affected and there can be some potential health-related issues. It is important for you to take lead and stabilize things. At work there can be a cold war with your immediate superiors, so it would be wise to maintain a low profile during this time and avoid all occasions of confrontation. Keep a track on your diet pattern and try to stay away from any kind of stomach related infections. Avoid confrontation with your father.

The sun would transit to the 6th house and it is likely to deliver very favourable results. There would be a great degree of adrenalin rush in you to compete, and, to complete pending tasks. Your enemies would lack the conviction and the courage to face you so put some daring into action. It is strictly advised that you should drive extra carefully and follow all safety rules while driving. Your competitive spirit would be very high and it can turn out to be a good time to accept new responsibilities at work. Put your best effort at work and you’ll see some desired results heading your way in the near future.

The sun would transit to the 5th house and it is likely to deliver unfavourable results. Keep a good check on your eating and exercising habits. Stomach related infections like inflammation and food poising can cause trouble, so eat well. Your younger siblings can cause some troubles, so it would be wise to act as a real elder and teach them the correct way politely. At work, your actions may not deliver the desired results so take it easy. Those pursuing higher education may find it troublesome to cope up with their current learning patterns, and so, it would be better to improvise. Travel may not be rewarding and business-related journeys may end up in wanderlust, so it would be better to delay them.

The sun would transit to the 4th house and it is likely to deliver unfavourable results. Accidents leading to bone fractures appear to be on cards, so be very alert in your day to day activities. Your Mother may face some health problems so keep a watch on her wellbeing. Again it would be advisable to drive carefully and avoid driving if you can. Some property related issues may surface, so it would be better to delay any kind of talks or negotiations on the same. Work may invite unnecessary wrath from the superiors, so try to stick to your routine job and maintain limited communication with everyone.

The sun would transit to the 3rd house and it is likely to deliver excellent results. Your thinking and actions would shine with boldness and authority and you would be very effective in all spheres of life. It would be a very promising time to establish authority over a concept/person/skill and sway results in your favour. You would not hesitate to try new things at home as well as work and it would deliver very satisfying results. Short-distance travel might prove to be rewarding in nature. It would be wise to plan a trip with your father and the rest of the family, and, to make it memorable.

The sun would transit to the 2nd house and it is likely to deliver unfavourable results. Keep a strict control over your speech; otherwise, you can get into serious trouble. There are chances of discord in the family, so maintain your calm. Your expenditure would be on the higher side so avoid impulsive spending. Also, avoid any kind of capital expenditure during this time. Avoid imposing negative attitude on others. Pay all due respect to the Law and avoid all sorts of illegal activities and actions. Your savings pattern may be hit negatively and your investments may turn unprofitable, so avoid any kind of hasty decisions. Avoid in-person meetings with your boss if you can.                                                                                             

The sun would transit to Lagna/First house and it is likely to deliver harsh results. There would be occasions where people would come to irritate you. Don’t react; otherwise, there would be damage to your reputation and social dignity. You would find it tough to control your temperament, so it would be wise to maintain limited written and oral communication with others. Your superiors may pose troubles at work so try to follow a “Yes Sir” approach. You may also find it tough to concentrate and prioritize on important events of life, so it is advised to seek opinions from well-wishers and pass this time trouble free. Try to maintain harmony with your spouse.

The sun would transit to the 12th house and it is likely to deliver mixed results. You may pick up silly and odd reasons to leave your job, so kindly avoid it. Work may not be very rewarding but it is advised to continue doing it. Your father may face some health problems, so keep a close watch on his health. There can be some opportunities to build foreign connections at work, so keep your options open and invite fresh connections. You should avoid a job change during this period and delay it for the future in case you are planning one. It does not appear a good time for your boss as well, so do not intervene in his set of problems and just be a well-wisher for him.

The sun would transit to the 11th house and it is likely to deliver mixed results. There may be some opportunities for growth and recognition which may not be easy to avail and it would be wise not to put extra efforts or resources to grab them. Your luck factor may not be working in the desired manner so do not feel challenged. It appears to be a good time for your father and he is likely to prosper. Likewise, your boss may be successful in his endeavours and he may share his slice of the pie of success with you, so stay positive even if he is rude to you. Business-related travel may lay the foundation for something good in the near future. Maintaining optimism would be the key to solving your problems and avoiding potential ones; so stay optimistic.

The sun would transit to the 10th house and it would lead to a mixed bag of the good and the bad for you. You need to be very alert at work and avoid any deviations from your routine unless they are approved by your superiors. Maintain a strict law-abiding attitude and adhere to even small laws. Avoid any kind of quick route to success and keep your seniors in the loop for every activity. Avoid any kind of job change and stick to your current job and profile. Your immediate boss is likely to be helpful in case you encounter an awkward situation at work. Work as a team and you are likely to get rewarded in the near future.

The sun would transit to the 9th house and it is likely to deliver mixed results. You need to be very polite with your spouse show him/her the respect he/she commands in your life. Hard work would be the key to success and you are likely to struggle in your endeavours. Business-related travels may not yield desired fruits, but it would be wise to undertake them. Some influential client can cause a potential problem, so stay alert. There would be some degree of creativity and versatility in your efforts, so work accordingly. Your father is also likely to experience similar changes, so try to help each other.

The sun would transit to the 8th house and it is likely to deliver unfavourable results. Keep a good track of your overall health and avoid unhealthy food habits. Avoid taking fresh loans/mortgages as it may invite unnecessary trouble. Enemies would not miss out on even a single opportunity to harm you, so stay alert. Be very alert at work and go through all written matter before signing any document. Avoid changes in profile and any kind of job change altogether. You would find it tough to maintain good relations with your boss, so try to stay humble and communicate with him/her only when required. Avoid confrontations and heated debates at work and in personal life.


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