Sun Transit in Libra on 17th October 2021

Sat, Oct 30, 2021
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Sat, Oct 30, 2021
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Sun Transit in Libra on 17th October 2021

On 17th October at 1:12 pm, Sun will transit into the Libra sign. Sun doesn't give good results when it moves into this sign. This transition will be favourable for some signs but can be unfavourable for some. In their birth chart, those dominated by the planet Sun have leadership quality and good management skills; they are mostly seen doing government jobs or high post work. They are stubborn and aggressive by nature. Those who stay around them get good benefits because these people have a very strong aura. They have a bold voice and are punctual with their work. 

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Aries:- Sun will transit in your 7th house, avoid backstabbing anyone. Don't get involved in fights with your partner; otherwise, things can become worse. 

  • You might face ups and downs in business.

  • Think wisely before making decisions because it can save you from losses. 

  • Take care of your health during this time.

  • The overall period will be full of ups and downs.

Taurus:- Sun will transit in your 6th house; if you make decisions wisely. Hopefully, things will be much better. 

  • Do not make investments in this period. Unnecessary expenses can be harmful to you. 

  • Stay away from fights; your hidden enemies can harm you, so just stay alert. 

Gemini:- Sun will transit in your 5th house; stay away from laziness in this period if you want to work on pending projects. 

  • Without hard work, you will not be able to gain things. 

  • This period is good for spending good time with family; this period is also favourable for lovers.

Cancer:- Sun will transit in your 4th house. Your egoistic nature can harm you, so try to stay calm; otherwise, it can hurt you. 

  • Take care of your mother's health during this period; she might get ill. 

  • Before starting new work, think twice because you have to face many challenges if possible, don't start any new thing in this period. 

  • Stay away from unnecessary expenses.

Leo:- Sun will transit in your 3rd house. In this period, you will succeed after doing a lot of hard work. You can face differences with your siblings. Be careful.

  • You have chances of going abroad, and your trip will be successful.
  • You will be appreciated for your hard work.
  • Overall this period will be neutral for you.

Virgo:- Sun will transit in your 2nd house. In this period, try to stay away from the workload and take care of your health. Avoid unhealthy food.

  • On the other hand, you will get benefits in money matters.
  • According to your expectations, you will not get much family support.
  • Take care of your child's surroundings; they might get distracted. 

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Libra:- Sun will transit in your 1st house; this transition will benefit you, especially in money matters. 

  • You can face health issues in this period, especially bone-related problems. It's better to stay alert and take care of your diet. 

  • You can start new projects. Also, you will get success. 

Scorpio:- Sun will transit in your 12th house; in this period, you will face a lot of ups and downs in your work. Things will not be easy for you. 

  • Drive or ride safely; to avoid an accident. 

  • Avoid starting any new things in this period. Government-related works which are stuck might get delayed in this period. 

  • Please do not share your plans or work with anyone; you can be betrayed.

Sagittarius:- Sun will transit in your 11th house. This transition will be favourable for you. Investments and work done in this period will give you success.

  • You will get good support from your elder siblings, and you will be happy with that. 

  • Your financial situation will become stronger. 

  • For starting a new business, this period is perfect. 

  • Good time for students. Newly married people have a strong chance to have a baby.

Capricorn:- Sun will transit in your 10th house. This time will not be good for the family. You will be stressed because of family issues, and your professional life will get affected. 

  • Your good and thoughtful decision can give you good benefits. 

  • Try to stay calm in this period and take your decisions wisely. 

  • You will get good links in your professional life and get a good name in society.

Aquarius:- Sun will transit in your 9th house. This period is good for those who are doing work related to foreign countries. 

  • You will take more interest in religious work; you can also go on religious trips with your family. 
  • You will be more helpful to needy people in this period, and their blessings will give you strong energy.

Pisces:- Sun will transit in your 8th house. This transition will not be favourable for you. Try to stay away from arguments; otherwise, you might get stuck in court cases. 

  • Do not trust anyone in this period; people can betray you. 

  • It will be better for you to keep your things secret and try by yourself to make things successful. 

  • Stay alert from your enemies. 

  • It'll be better for you to stay calm in this period.

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