Stars May Hold The Key To His Heart

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Stars May Hold The Key To His Heart

Being in love can leave you with mixed feelings. One moment you are feeling euphoric, the next you are wondering what happened?  Is it love or just a mix of lust and attraction?  Men are so confusing!  Well, we have a little insight for you, something that might help you figure out what is really going on with your partner. Is he selfish or simply busy?  Is he heads over heels in love with you, in which case you would know, or do you suspect that he is holding something back?

To make sure that your love turns into a permanent relationship, it’s important to understand your partner’s nature and needs. We can always cheat, and get an insider look into who he is. Here are some characteristics of various Sun signs that may hold the key to his heart.

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An Arian man is emotional, impatient and ever so outspoken. You must not take to heart if he criticizes you without really considering your feelings. Here is a man who is going to go out of his way to make sure you have a blast with him. Since this energetic man can get bored very easily, you need to stimulate his interest in you periodically. He can be unnecessarily argumentative and it’s best if you do not add fuel to the argument but simply step back and cool your heels. He will come around.


A Taurus man will love you to be physical with him. He will love your hugs, kisses, and cuddles. Don’t ever cheat on this man because he is a firm believer of loyalty. He likes stability and is gentle till provoked. Do not interfere and question too much about his life. So be more sensuous with him and he will be happy.


Do not be jealous of your Gemini man’s popularity because he is a party animal. He loves his chatter and fun so keep him hooked to you by talking intelligently. He may appear restless to you, but multi-tasking is his forte. His dual personality which can sow seeds of doubt in your mind about his love for you, but it’s only a front. Do not push him to commit to you. Let him take his time.


If you are dating a Cancer, be ready for emotions. You hurt him by saying something he doesn’t like and he will retreat into his shell. He can be highly sensitive and intuitive. A Cancer is a family man; so be prepared to spend long evenings in the comfort of his home. He loves his peace and quiet and may not be the happiest in a noisy dance party. He will want your utter love and devotion. Do give him your undivided attention.


Be strong if you are dating a Leo. You will need to keep up his interest in you by being intelligent enough to win arguments and games against him. He could be a little too much in the bedroom but learn to keep him reigned without hurting his ego. Do not have a negative attitude in front of him. You may find him somewhat demanding.


A Virgo man, being a perfectionist himself, will expect the same level of excellence from you. Do not fret if you find him obsessing about every detail whether it’s about your relationship or a holiday. Do not brag in front of a Virgo. He hates that. Also, don’t assume that being loud will attract his attention. He can be a workaholic and rather skip a party than to keep work pending. So, don’t sulk if you find yourself twiddling your thumb all alone on a weekend.


If you are dating a Libra, make sure you keep your appearance pleasing and not tacky as Librans are very cultured and refined. Be ready to accept him being flirty to women as Librans are very nice and pleasant to all. Since they believe in being just, don’t ever let him catch you acting in a dishonest manner.


A Scorpio man would have swept you off your feet as they can be very overwhelming in their passion. It may put you off as he expects you to reciprocate in the same intense way. He may be over possessive of you so may not like to see you mingle too much with the opposite sex. They have a great sense of intuition, so never lie to him.


A Sagittarian man will expect you to have intelligent conversations with him and if you don’t find him too physical, it’s because of his broad-minded nature. He will be happy having a platonic relationship with you; just happy in your companionship. He may just disappear from your life for short periods of time because of his quest for knowledge without telling you. That may make you feel insecure. Don’t be. He will be back.


Your Capricornian man may seem to be taking forever to commit on a permanent relationship but that’s because he is conventional and believes in tradition. This man may seem to you to be more interested in his work than in maintaining romantic relationships. He may also appear to be a control freak and dominate your activities. In the long run, you will be benefitted as he will prove to be grounded and an uninhibited lover. Have patience.


If you are dating an Aquarian, remember he finds new and different ideas very attractive. Share his enthusiasm for the latest gadgets in the market. If he is not getting deeply emotional with you, don’t fret. He loves intellectual companionship. He is out to make the World a better place to live in, so be prepared to be more humanitarian. Do not give him instructions. He doesn’t like that.


If you are confused why your Piscean man becomes withdrawn frequently, it’s because he is an escapist. Since he has a highly imaginative nature, if something goes wrong, he takes refuge in busying himself in other activities. He is not running away from you but simply recharging himself emotionally. He can get bored easily if a romance becomes staid, so cut him slack. 

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