Sonia Gandhi - Astro Analysis of the Political Powerhouse

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Sonia Gandhi - Astro Analysis of the Political Powerhouse

Sonia Gandhi is the daughter-in-law of India’s first family - the Nehru-Gandhi family, which is many times compared with the British Monarchy or with America’s Kennedy clan. Wife to Rajiv Gandhi, who was the seventh Prime Minister of India, Sonia started her career in politics almost a decade after the assassination of her husband by becoming the Congress Party’s President.

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To be a daughter-in-law of India’s most famous political dynasty, it has to be the likes of a Sonia Maino, an Italian, to adjust to a complete change of language, religion, culture and status. Born in a family of working class people, Sonia stepped gingerly into a household of in-laws who walked the corridors of power in a different part of the world altogether! 

This was possible because Sonia Gandhi is a philosophical Sagittarius, born on 9 December.

A Sagittarius is intellectual and would love a partner who is well read and well travelled. The charming Archer had the ability to make any man go weak in the knees and it was love at first sight for her and Rajiv Gandhi in the Cambridge University. She found a perfect soul-mate in him and remained a loyal and devoted partner till the very end. It is very unfortunate that she lost him so early in life. The Archer knows how to stay calm and composed and the nation saw no melodrama on her part when Rajiv was assassinated.

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, which magnifies everything in its natives lives. It encourages the natives to live life ‘king size’. She got along famously with her ‘dictator’ mother-in-law, maybe because Indira Gandhi respected her independent and frank nature and realised that a ‘Sagittarian' won’t be dictated to.

This versatile woman belongs to a zodiac sign that is ruled by the element, Fire. It fills her with great energy and makes them very sporty. Even as she turns 72 this year, she is seen carrying her self well. Sagittarius do not like to ‘paint’ their faces in order to enhance their beauty and Sonia has her own natural beauty.

After Rajiv’s death, when the political party tried to make her the Prime Minister, they realised they couldn't impose their decision on her. But once this fiercely guarded independent woman decided to join, the Sagittarius trait of being career oriented and excelling in whatever they do, kept the opposition party on their toes.

Not all is positive in every zodiac sign and the blind optimism that Sonia has in her son to reach the heights of political fame, has become a mockery with the opposition. Sometimes her anger surfaces and she is not able to hide her restlessness like a typical Sagittarius, which is not good when you are a public figure.

In the coming year, 2019, Sonia will get support from her family and friends. The stars caution her to take care of her health by regulating her diet and by doing yoga. Now that her son, Rahul Gandhi, has taken over the party helm, she needs to channelize her energy towards other creative activities. #GPSforLife #GpsforYourLife