Sonam Kapoor just revealed an astrological secret about herself!

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Sonam Kapoor just revealed an astrological secret about herself!

“I believe in luck, but I also believe a lot in destiny, that’s the same thing as luck. Mujhe lagta hai ki kismat ka zindagi mein bahut bada haath hota hai, par hard work toh karna hi padta hai. So it’s a combination of two.” This is what Sonam Kapoor said on the launch of her upcoming movie trailer ‘The Zoya Factor’. 


Some people are very serious about lucky charm, while some find it lame and not so important. Even though the world is evolving technologically and we can create anything we want, yet some of us still believe in magic and wish for luck in life. Apart from the common people who believe in luck, there are a lot of celebrities, public personalities, and leaders who also believe in terms like luck, destiny, karma, astrology, numerology, etc. 


Surprisingly, on a recent Bollywood event, a celebrity opened up about being a staunch believer in Astrology and related aspects. It is none other than the bold Sonam Kapoor. On 29th August 2019 during the trailer launch of her upcoming movie ‘The Zoya Factor, she confessed about her belief in astrology and luck, which is the nucleus of the film. The trailer has hit more than 15 million views, making it one of the most awaited films of the month.


Further, during the launch, she shared that Sonam means ‘luck’ and the name ‘Zoya’ too, which is the name of the character she is playing in the film. During the launch, Sonam mentioned how her parents consider her to be a lucky charm for her father. She expressed that when she was conceived, her father gave maximum hit films and became a superstar. She also said ‘I think astrology is not superstition its a science. If the moon which is so strong can cause waves, then I think the Sun, the moon and stars all of them have an influence on us, as we are 70% water. So. I believe there is an influence of them on us.  A couple of astrologers have read my Janm Patrika and they always said that I would be lucky for the man in my life.” The actress chuckled when asked has she been lucky for her better half or not! 


The plot of the film revolves around the character Zoya, who eventually becomes a lucky charm for the Indian cricket team. 


As humans, we all yearn for such lucky charms that can fix every problem in life. But we fail to realize that it is the combination of hard work, luck, and destiny that fixes the broken or faulty.