Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

The first solar eclipse of 2011 will occur on January 4, 2011! The New Year begins with a powerful partial solar eclipse. This first eclipse of the year may bring about unexplained changes in your life. Read on to find out how this cosmic movement will affect you!

Solar Eclipses are believed to have a strong impact on our personal lives. According to astrological beliefs a solar eclipse can bring about sudden changes in all aspects of our lives. This is the first solar eclipse of 2011 and it is a partial eclipse of the Sun. In Delhi, India the eclipse will begin at 15:11:49 and end at 15:52:02 IST, with a magnitude 2.7%. This eclipse will occur at 13.33’ of Capricorn. The effects of this cosmic movement will be, by and large a positive one!

Effects of the Solar Eclipse on Various Zodiac Signs:

The influence of the eclipse may not be so great on your love life but you are willing to take a few risks. You throw caution to the wind and go ahead with your plans to impress the one you really like.

Some changes in your surroundings are likely today. You may give a face-lift to the interiors of your house. You may indulge in a wonderful activity for recreational purpose.

The eclipse makes it harder for you to stay focused. You are distracted throughout the day and find it hard to stick to one task.

During this partial solar eclipse you will feel that your feelings and emotions are quite strong. You are possessive about things that belong to you and are in no mood to share.

Under the influence of the eclipse, you will change your wardrobe and bring about a change in your physical appearance. You will indulge in yourself and may even go on a shopping spree.

This eclipse will add more meaning to your love life and personal relationships. Your heart will be filled with compassion for people close to you.

Group activities and reunions are indicated for some of you. The eclipse has a strong influence on your creative side and you will not shy away from expressing yourself.

A rise in your social status will bring happiness. With the effect of the eclipse you will concentrate on widening your business horizon. You may think of starting a new venture.

Under the influence of the solar eclipse you will be inclined towards philosophy and religion. If you are planning to go for higher education, then this is the right time to make a move.

Physical desire may intensify under the influence of the eclipse. You will also be drawn towards spirituality. So make the most of it. Health issues may arise; take good care!

Due to the effect of the solar eclipse, your relationships, in general, will improve. You may forge a new relationship or take a serious decision about your existing relationship.

Your productivity will increase at your work place. Your hard work will fetch you great benefits. You may even observe some changes in your lifestyle soon.


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