Significance of Tarot Card Reading

Tue, Aug 06, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Aug 06, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Significance of Tarot Card Reading

You may wonder why Tarot reading has gained popularity in the past decade or so! It must be surprising to see what was once carried out in closed dim lit rooms, is now openly practiced in malls and other public places. The fact that tarot has greatly helped people improve their life and mindset, is making more and more seekers gravitate towards this occult.


Tarot reading helps a person to tap into his intuition and listen to what that inner voice is trying to tell. This reading is best done by the clairvoyants because their intuition is much more developed than the others. So, it makes sense to get a reading done from a psychic.


Remember tarot reading is not about predicting one’s future but being more aware of the consequences, depending on the path we take. It’s the key to the door leading to any of your questions, however mundane it may be. Thus, a tarot reader helps you open the right door which would lead you towards your goal.



What Are Tarot Cards?


While there are many different deck styles and many different interpretations of the tarot cards, the basic meanings of each of the cards are fairly standard. A traditional tarot deck, consists of 78 cards and these cards are divided into two sections:The Major Arcana; consisting of 22 cards and The Minor Arcana; consisting of 56 cards. While the Major Arcana reveals the bigger picture about your life, one that may reflect a turning point; the Minor Arcana talk about your day-to-day experiences, people and influences in our lives.


How Is A Tarot Reading Done?


Every tarot reader follows a certain ritual before they do any reading. It could be at the start of the day or if time permits, before every read during the day. The reading is normally done on a cloth that is kept exclusively for the tarot. Crystals and candles adorn the table where the reading is done. The cards are cleared of any previous negative energy. Many readers like to meditate with the cards before starting a session. A small prayer to the Archangels or to any deity they believe who helps them in the reading is chanted.


The cards are shuffled and cut in a particular sequence before they are either spread out on the cloth or stacked in packs of ’n’ numbers. The tarot reader picks out cards herself from this or asks the seeker (If they are present) to pick the cards of their choice. While the shuffling is done, the reader asks the question aloud to the cards. 


Depending on the question, the cards are placed in certain order called a Spread. There are many different types of spreads, some based on love, some on career, some of life’s goals, some on the coming year, etc. The simplest one is a Daily card draw that allows the querent to learn about the day.


Where Does A Clairvoyant Fit In?


When the question is asked to the cards, the most relevant cards, which have the answer hidden in its symbolism, falls out of the deck. Because of the heightened sense of clairvoyance, the tarot reader will be able to translate the messages that she receives from the universe through the images on these cards and convey it to you. #GPSforLife

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