Shraddha Kapoor - Astro Analysis of the ‘Chirkoot’ of Bollywood

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Shraddha Kapoor - Astro Analysis of the ‘Chirkoot’ of Bollywood

Born on 3rd March, Shraddha Kapoor is a Pisces. Symbolized by two swimming fishes, this zodiac sign is ruled by Neptune.

Pisces are artists and are blessed with deep creative souls. It is amazing to see a sweet, soft spoken girl like Shraddha do the role of a lady don in HaseenaParker. Coming from the family of ‘Nightingales of India’, it is but natural that Shraddha is also a lovely singer.

 Pisces women exude a sort of mysticism and wisdom around them and when you look into Shraddha’s eyes, it feels like you are dealing with a very old soul. There could have been no one who would have been able to get the look in ‘Stree’ as Shraddha did.

Pisces make bestfriends and Shraddha’s ‘BFF’, Eshanka claims that Shraddha has always been a guardian angel, fixing everything for her, since, like forever. Inspite of her having an elder sister, she always looked up to Shraddha to solve all her problems. The stars in 2019 do indicate that Shraddha may be called by a dear friend for help and guidance.

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The fact that Pisces are shy has got Shraddha into trouble with the media as she has refused too many times, to pose for the shutterbugs.It resulted in her facing a media ban for quite some time, which of course is not good for the image of a celebrity.

Empathetic and with a high emotional intelligence, Shraddha feels pained by the fact that reporters indulge in focusing on non-issues about the actors and spice up unnecessary details, just for eyeballs. She comes as a refreshing breath of air in an industry where celebrities enjoy being in the public image at any cost.

Being a Water Sign, it is but natural for Shraddha to be sensitive and this many times, becomes a harbinger of anxiety and depression. This straightforward girl is not one to hide this fact and she openly admits that she deals with her anxiety issues by doing things that make her happy. She admits that two words which best describe her are: Over thinker and moody! She will need to remind herself to unwind often in 2019.

Pisces are secretive and Shraddha has very cutely made up a secret language for herself which she uses to write in her personal diary that she has maintained since she was eight years old.

While Shraddha dotes on her mother, the planets caution her to be careful not to get into an altercation with the parent during April-May.

Shraddha has a number of films lined up in 2019 with a different type of role in each. While Saaho is an action film, Chhichhore is a comedy. StreetDancer, as the name suggests, is a dance film and if so much varied characterisation was not enough for her, she will star in the biopic, Saina, based on the Badminton player. For each kind of role, this Pisces works hard to be true to its character. Stars indicate that the key ingredient to success for her this year, is hard work.

Astroyogi wishes Shraddha a very happy birthday. #GPSforLife