Shani Retrograde on 6th of April and Its Impact on Your Destiny

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Shani Retrograde on 6th of April and Its Impact on Your Destiny

Saturn, popularly known as Shani is much feared and revered by all believers of Vedic astrology. Expert astrologers opinions that any change Shani’s transit will have a significant impact in our lives, let it be Shani's transits into a new zodiac sign, retrogression or progression, it’s impact will be very evident. The latest example is Shani’s transit into Sagittarius in January. You might have experienced a lot of changes in your life and circumstances during that tenure. Even if we look at a broader level of the nation or community we could see a lot of happenings during this tenure.

The retrogression of Shani will start on the 6th of April and Shani will transit into Scorpio on the 21st June. Shani will continue it’s retrogression on the sign till 26th of October and then on 27th of October it will return back to Sagittarius, culminating it’s retrogression. Generally the malicious impacts of the retrogression will depend upon the house in which Shani is positioned for each zodiac sign. Now coming onto the impact of this retrogression, here is what our expert astrologers predict:

Aries: Shani is retrograding in your 9th house, which is considered to be the house of good fortune and self-actualization. This means that the retrogression can negatively affect your luck and if you have been enjoying some serendipity in life for some time now, this retrogression can put an end to it.

Taurus: Our expert astrologers advice you to avoid long journeys and be careful while driving as the retrogression is happening in your eighth house. You should also avoid risky investments and business ventures as luck may not favor you during this tenure.

Gemini: The retrogression is happening in your 7th house and it has a direct impact on your destiny. The malefic effects will mainly be on your health and relationships. There are probabilities of sufferings from stomach related diseases and it is advised to keep your temperament low as the chances of friction with your partner or family members are high.

Cancer: Shani Retrogrades on your sixth house which means that you should be beware of politics and conspiracies. Your enemies may amass their strength and put up serious challenges for you. You are also advised to take good care of your valuables and keep them safe.

Leo: Shani retrogrades on your fifth house. The concerns which were assuaged by the transit of Shani into Sagittarius will again stand tall in your life. Concerns related to children and education may arise during this tenure. This is not a good time to fall in love as the retrogression may adversely affect the relationship.

Virgo: The effects of the retrogression may be very drastic. You are advised to take care of your health and be generally careful. Shani will be retrograding on your 4th house and you might get some help in your career front during the initial days of the retrogression, opinions astroYogi’s expert astrologers.

Libra: Since the retrogression is happening on your 3rd house it would impact your relationship with siblings and there are chances of arguments and friction with them. You might feel a bit lazy during the tenure, and this can affect your work and general impression in workplace. It is advised that you stay proactive and work hard to overcome the malefic effects.

Scorpio: You need to be careful while spending your hard earned money and while making investments as the retrogression is happening in your second house and financial loss is on the cards. It is advised that you wait till August 27th for making any significant move. There are chances of a head injury and you need to be careful about this aspect.

Sagittarius: You need to focus more on your business or career front during this tenure. As the retrogression is happening on your first house you might be facing the same obstacles and challenges which were placated by Shani’s transit into Sagittarius during January this year.

Capricorn: Shani retrogrades on your 12th house, which can cause financial losses for you. You may also have to face the wrath of your enemy during the tenure, you should stick to your own business during this tenure as things might backfire if you indulge in other’s issues.

Aquarius: You have to survive this period with self-confidence and determination. The transit of Shani into Sagittarius in January might have brought in some good news for you, but the same aspects of your life may get affected during this tenure. Things may get delayed arbitrarily so it is advised to keep up the spirit.

Pisces: The malefic effects of this retrogression will mainly be reflected in your business and career front. Since it is happening on your tenth house the relationship with your father may also suffer. You might be lacking the support of your luck suddenly, but if you understand the reason behind it and be persistent with your efforts you can overcome these malefic impacts.

The retrogression of Shani may be a tough time for all natives. But astrology also provides you with remedies to overcome those malefic effects. Consult our expert astrologers online for an in-depth analysis of your horoscope and to get personalized suggestions and guidance.

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