Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius on 30th April 2019

Which is the most feared and revered planet in Vedic astrology? Undoubtedly, Saturn or ‘Shani’. The planet is known for keeping an account of your deeds and to maintain the balance of ‘Karma’. Shani will start its retrogression in Sagittarius on the 30th of April. It will be rearward in Sagittarius from 30th April and will pro grade again in Sagittarius on the 18th September 2019. This transit connects Saturn with the planets in that specific house. Shani will be transmitting some of its qualities on the planets in the house influencing the qualities of other planets. For personalized horoscope analysis by expert astrologers, click here.

Read on to understand the major impacts on each of the twelve signs.

 (Predictions are based on Moon sign)


This transit will provide you with the strength to stay determined and persistent in your efforts. Students need to take extra care to avoid bad company and habits during this time period. A get-together or road trip with friends will happen during this time period and you will thoroughly enjoy it. Compatibility issues and arguments might bother you in your love life but dodge them with tact and diplomacy.


Taurus professionals will finally find a breakthrough in that onsite project which you were aspiring for a long time. You will impress your superiors with your diligence and hard work at the office. The transit will impart you with abundant positive energy and you need to utilize it to your advantage. You may have to bring down your social life in the priority list because of your busy work schedule but then again you cannot have it all at once.


Expenses will be seen surging during this time period. But don’t hesitate to spend, if you see value in a proposition. Remain cool-headed when you are sorting out differences with your better half. Although promotion is indicated, prepare yourself for some fierce competition and your opponents will be competent and tough.


Financial gains and the opportunities to make wealth will be knocking on your doors during this time period. Be careful while traveling and especially while driving as there are indications of injuries. Don’t hesitate to showcase your skills at times when it is apt, you will get noticed. Senior officials may not be very vocal about your contributions but they are noticing your performance and you should keep up the good work.


Don’t make a wrong move when your credibility is at stake during this time period. This does not only apply to the professional front, but your credibility as a friend or partner may also be questioned. If you can come out of it victorious, you will get some adoration and respect. This transit will be imparting directional strength; it is indicated that your efforts will be more action-oriented during this time period. Your friends and family will very much appreciate your helpful nature.


Take your time when it comes to making any decision related to finance during this time period. Maintaining harmony at home is essential during this tenure as friction will affect your mental peace. If you drink or smoke, you should try and control these habits as there are chances of you overdoing it.  Don’t get involved in any argument which is not affecting you, as things may backfire and lead to unnecessary troubles and tension.


It’s time to embrace the feeling of gratitude and appreciate all those small things which have made your life so beautiful. Major investments can wait till you arrive on consensus with all parties who are involved. Just put them on hold for a while if you were planning something. Minor health issues may bother you. You need to take good care of your body during this time period.


You are advised to stay calm and take things lightly during this time period.  You may be tempted to contemplate actions or incidents of the past. But let bygones be bygones and move on. You may be more religiously or spiritually inclined during this time period. If you feel that the stress level is too high and it is affecting your productivity, then don’t hesitate to take a break.


You will be happy to come across an opportunity for earning extra income during this time period.  But before going ahead carefully and critically look at it to understand if you have the bandwidth to do it. You may be given additional responsibilities at the work front; you should take it up as an opportunity to prove your versatility. Your social circle will broaden and friends will enjoy your company very much during this time period.


Peace and harmony at home during this time period will be dependent on how well you are able to manage your temperament. New business opportunities and alliances are on the cards but do not take decisions impulsively but only after careful thought and scrutiny.  You will enjoy the time spent with your family and children. Avoid unhealthy food habits otherwise it may lead to health problems.


If you have been longing to spend some quality time with your family you might finally get a chance during the transit time period. Income will increase but there would be matching expenditure also. It’s a good time period for you to explore new investment avenues and to take some risks. Starting an exercise routine during this time period is a good idea.


Your financial investments would see a boom and it may be a good time to book some profits. Cash flow will be very smooth. Don’t be prejudiced about any tasks before you undertake it. It is very important for you to have a positive attitude towards work during this time period. It also appears a good time to increase your social circle and subsequently generate some fresh business leads out of it.  Health will be normal and you are advised to eat healthily.

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