Saina Nehwal - Astro Analysis of the Sports Sensation

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Saina Nehwal - Astro Analysis of the Sports Sensation

Saina Nehwal, a house hold name in the field of sports, is lovingly called Steffi Saina by her mother. This professional, badminton singles player, is the only female player from India, who has attained the World No. 1 ranking; becoming the second player from India; after Prakash Padukone, to do so.

Saina turns 28 on March 17 this year, 2018 and at such a young age, has a whole list of credits attached to her name. She has been active in the international circuit since the age of 16, when she created history, being the first Indian woman and the youngest player from Asia, to win a 4-star tournament - the Philippines Open. Since then; this committed, young woman from Hisar(Haryana), has not looked back and today is a proud recipient of India’s third highest civilian award, the Padma Bhushan; for her invaluable contribution to sports.

Success does not fall in anybody’s lap without hard work. While Saina has always been passionate about badminton, a lot of credit for her success can be attributed to the motivation she received from her parents. It was a dream that her parents wished to realise through their highly talented daughter.

Both Saina’s parents, Usha Rani and Dr. Harvir Singh, were badminton players in their prime. While her mother was a state level badminton player, her father was a number one player at the University level. They recognised the talent in their daughter and put in all they had, financially, physically and mentally, to provide the best coaching to her. Saina’s zodiac sign, Pisces, is ruled by Neptune, infusing her with a lot of creativity. A mundane existence of burying her head in books, could never be her forte. Pisces is destined to achieve the highest in their field of interest.

The last of the twelve Zodiac signs, Pisces, makes Saina a sensitive and vulnerable girl. Pisces are dreamers, while being sincere and dedicated to aim and achieve what they target. Saina puts in a lot of hours, practising her sport to retain her position in the tough field of sports. This Water Sign is emotional and so in order to keep Saina unperturbed by any family problems and remain focussed on her game, her parents do not discuss any troublesome situation with her.

Saina, a typical Pisces, has a child-like trust in her mentors. She blindly follows what her parents instruct, knowing fully well they have her best interest in mind. She was a good pupil and trained sincerely with her former coach Pullela Gopichand, only changing him when she thought she needed to improve on some of her moves to achieve the World number one ranking.

The year 2018 does not start well for the career of a Pisces and so, Saina suffered a defeat at the hands of Tai Tzu Ying, at the Indonesia Masters 2018, in Jakarta in January. It could be attributed to the fact that she was recovering from an ankle injury.

The world waits with bated breath to see how well she performs at the Commonwealth Games to be held in the Gold Coast this year, starting on 4 April and the Asian Games to be held in Indonesia in August, as the year promises to end well for the Pisces.