Sachin turns 44 this April

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Sachin turns 44 this April

One of the greatest batsmen of all times, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, is a former India captain and international cricketer. Named Sachin by his father, on the namesake of his idol music composer, Sachin Dev Burman, the ‘Little Master’ reached a similar height of fame, albeit in the world of sports.

Like all young boys, Sachin too, was interested in playing cricket. Fortunately, Sachin found a mentor in Ramakant Achrekar; a well-known cricket coach for young boys. Achrekar recognised the talent in Sachin and helped him hone his skill.

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Sunil Gavaskar was Sachin’s idol and although Sachin entered the professional cricket arena quite early in life, unfortunately, he never got the chance to play with him in any match. But, a 14 year old Sachin, did have the honours of being the ball boy in the World Cup match between India and Zimbabwe in 1987 where Gavaskar was playing. This match, on retrospect, went down in the history of Indian cricket, for having three legends on the field together - Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev and Sachin Tendulkar! 

Born on 24 April, Sachin is an affectionate and patient Taurus as can be seen in his demeanour. Being grateful comes naturally to a Bull. It is for this reason that Sachin’s most prized possession are the thirteen coins that he won from his coach, Achrekar, while he was under his training.

A Taurus is very sensitive and family oriented. The bonding between him and his brother, Ajit, is so strong that it is difficult to believe that they are half-brothers. His mother became his emotional support after his father’s death. Sachin insisted his mother’s presence by his side, when he played his 200th test match! 

As a teen, Sachin was easy to handle and a child-prodigy. As a typical Taurus man, he is focused, logical and sensible.

The Bull in him, meets every challenge that comes his way, with pride and determination. Sachin was elevated to the status of ‘God’ in the eyes of his fans when he kept the grief of the recent loss of his father aside; to be back on the field in three days and hammer an emotional 140, to keep India afloat in the 1999 World Cup.

An Earth Sign, Sachin loves his comfort and luxury, and is appreciative of the finer things in life. He has a custom-built 7 series BMW and ia passionate about his Nissan GTR.

A Taurus is known to be romantic at heart, but is one, who practices a great deal of patience before entering into a relationship. Although it was love at first sight for Sachin and Anjali, it took five years of dating before they finally took their vows.

Being traditional, Sachin is very home oriented and likes a steady routine.

Taurus is blessed with a high stamina and the world has seen Sachin in action. The ‘Little Master’ finally said goodbye to his 24-year career at the age of 40, only after playing his 200th test match.

Taurus love to have a happy and healthy family and they make very responsible and protective fathers.

2018 will bring luck to the Bull and they can expect some changes in their life which would be for the better. Any new proposition that Sachin may want to take up this year, could bring him happiness.