Sachin Turns 37!

bell icon Thu, Apr 24, 2014
Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Sachin Turns 37!  -

Sachin Tendulkar, the legendary batsman was born on April 24, 1973 at 16.20 pm in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He belongs to the zodiac sign Taurus and just like a bull he is always determined to hit the target. Nothing we say about this star will ever be enough. He was the driving force behind the world cup winning Indian Cricket Team this year. He has broken innumerable records and he continues to awe his fans worldwide.

Simple, straightforward and hardworking, this is how people close to Sachin describe him. He has a hunger to achieve more and this hunger drives him to play better and better every day. Taureans, in general, are known to be laidback and slow, but Sachin is anything but slow. He continues to work hard and improve himself. His practice sessions in the morning have been talked about quite often. Cricket crazy fans call him 'the God of Cricket' and it comes as no big surprise.

He has gone through difficult times, both personally and professionally. In spite of leading a humble life, Sachin's name has been dragged in numerous controversies. The ball tampering accusation was one such case where he had to put up a strong fight. Sachin has confessed how difficult these times were but his grit and determination always helped him overcome the most difficult of hurdles. Like a true hero, he has always emerged a winner. The coming few months will be better than ever for our favourite star. He will be recognized and rewarded for all that he has done for the nation and the game so far. The planets Mercury and Jupiter are in favour of Sachin and things will look up for him this year.