Riteish Deshmukh: A celebrated Sagittarius

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Riteish Deshmukh: A celebrated Sagittarius

Riteish Deshmukh, an Indian film actor, producer, and architect, born on the 17th of December 1978. He displays the typical traits of a Sagittarius - masculine, mutable and positive.

The Sagittarius symbol, the Archer, a Centaur, were intellectuals of Greek and Roman myth, and our much talented young star is no less an intellectual in his own right. Riteish didn't capitalize on his political and influential background to reach places and instead worked hard to attain a professional degree before deciding on a career. He is also an architect and owns his own design firm. The intellectual trait in him explains his concern for the really big issues in life; like wanting to complete all his late father's ambitious projects for society. 

Riteish, as a Sagittarius, has Jupiter, the Planet of good fortune as his planetary ruler, which has bestowed upon him, self-confidence and optimism. Unlike other Stars, Riteish tasted success quite soon after joining films - in fact with his third film and he didn't look back after that. He had his own personal style, like a typical Sagittarius, which was very endearing. His spontaneity always has everyone in splits and has helped him win friends like Akshay Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan.

As the ninth house, Sagittarius also rules the ninth house: the House of Philosophy which inculcates the desire in him to live life to the fullest. A Sagittarian wants the freedom to choose his own path and Riteish’s parents allowed him to do just that, confident he would make the right choice for himself. His father never pushed him to join politics which was good or otherwise the Sagittarius in him would have rebelled. With time, Riteish may yet join politics to commemorate his late father.

Free living, fun loving and adventurous, Riteish is naturally vivacious (although he claims he cannot keep up with wife Genelia’s bubbly nature) and has no dearth of friends. Since the ruling element of his sign is ‘Fire’, Riteish is ‘on the go’ all the time and doesn't allow himself to be tied down. The negative part of this sign, of course, is that since they are so active, they also get bored easily and so need to be kept engaged. In Riteish’s case, his adorable sons are taking care of that.

Sagittarians have great compatibility with the parents and siblings and Riteish’s love and respect for his late father is obvious to everyone. Riteish always kept in touch with his parents even when he is out of the country. He would speak daily with his father in spite of both their busy schedules. His screen saver on mobile has his father’s photo. After his father’s death, he along with his brothers, have been a big support to their mother.

The fun loving Riteish found love at first sight in Genelia when she was just sixteen. Sagittarius is not too demonstrative and nor was Riteish. But his expansive Jupiter nature made him attractive and irresistible to Genelia. He and Genelia became best friends and he cannot recall proposing to her. It was just understood that they would get married one day; which they did after a nine year long relationship. A Sagittarius looks for a partner who will ‘allow’ him to live life to the fullest and cut him some slack. He likes a partner who will not boss over him. And Genelia has understood him well. According to him, many times when he is upset, she just sits silently beside him without badgering him with unnecessary questions. She gives him unconditional support and love.

This typical carefree Sagittarius keeps himself stress-free and lives life to the fullest.

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