Remembering Sage Narada on this Narada Jayanti

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Remembering Sage Narada on this Narada Jayanti

This year Narada Jayanti falls today, i.e. 5th of May, on the next tithi of Buddha Purnima or Vaisakha Bahula Purnima. Narada is known as a Devarshi and is a devotee of Lord Vishnu which is the reason why Narada Jayanti is observed all over Lord Vishnu temples. Narada Jayanti is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Devrishi Narad. This festival is mostly celebrated in the northern parts of India. Legends say that Narada is the son of Sage Kashyapa and some believe he appeared from the forehead of Lord Brahma. He is one of the prajapatis and also among the seven honourable rishis.

Sage Narada is known to be the inventor of the Veena, a musical instrument. He has also been held as the chief of the Gandharvas who were a group of Divine musicians.  Sage Narad is believed to represent the modern day journalist and mass communicator. It is said that he used to continuously travel all through the world singing and communicating information. So the day is also called ‘Patrakar Diwas’ and is celebrated across the country in the form of meetings, seminars and prayers especially in North India.  On this day journalists and reporters follow his ideals and teachings to broaden their approach towards people and their welfare.

On this day special prayers and ritual are held and many people observe fast and recite the holy texts related to Narada. After which a feast is also organised in some places followed by the distribution of prasadam or both.