Remedies to Avoid Malefic Effects of Saturn

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Remedies to Avoid Malefic Effects of Saturn

Saturn/Shani Retrogression will happen on the 18th of April 2018. Learn about the remedies for avoiding the malefic effects of Saturn retrogression.The planet Saturn is known to go by the name ‘Shani’ and whilst being the slowest moving planet in space, its effect on kundalis is identified to be quite strong. The effects can go either way by doing wonders if favorable, as well as be a spiraling downfall if inauspicious. In a beneficial case of Saturn, the individual can become a refined scholar with a great command over language. While Saturn can turn gold into ash, it is similarly known to be generous and provide enormous gains. When Saturn turns malefic, it is indicative that it makes the concerned individual struggle with some difficulties in health, wealth and other external issues.

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Some Effects of Saturn in Different Yogas and Combinations can be seen below:-

  1. Being that Saturn is the Lord of the 8th House, it will unfavorably affect all or any other house, in spite of of wherever it is positioned. Consumption of liquor, betting, partaking in speaking lies or indulging into questionable activities curb the only encouraging effects of Saturn.
  2. In the case where the planet Saturn is under the effect of the planet Venus, it is then indicated that the concerned individual can experience financial instability. However, if Venus is under the characteristic of Saturn, it could prove favorable.
  3. The positive effects of Saturn more often than not begin after the 36th age.
  4. The individual may be required to undergo an eye surgery when the planet Saturn and Moon clash with one another. Also, when the Sun and the planet Venus are in each other’s characteristic, it indicates loss of wealth.

The following are the Remedies for the adverse effects of Saturn in all the houses as per ASTROYOGI expert Astrologers:

1st House:
Self-restraint from consuming alcohol and non vegetarian food is absolutely necessary. Surma can be buried in the ground for achieving promotion at your workplace. Prosperity can be experienced by feeding monkeys. Sweet Milk can be offered to the roots of a Banyan tree resulting in good achievements academically and health wise.

2nd House:
The individual will be required to go barefoot to the temple for forty-three days. A tilak made of curd or milk must be put on the forehead. Offering milk to snakes is another ritual to be carried out.

3rd House:
The Individual has to feed three dogs. Medicines for eyes must be donated and distributed freely. A dark room in the house will prove to be beneficial.

4th House:
Milk has to be offered to the snake and offering milk or rice to crows and buffalos. The milk has to be poured into the well as well. Also, rum must be poured into running water.

5th House:
Salty things must be distributed while celebrating son’s birthday. Make an offering of almonds in the temple and keep half of it in the house itself.

6th House:
The individual must make an food offering to a black dog. Coconuts and almonds are to be thrown into flowing water. The advantageous part of feeding snakes is for the welfare of the children.

7th House:
Buy and bury a flute crammed with sugar in a isolated place. This has to be followed by feeding a black cow.

8th House:
It is a significant thing to carry a square piece of silver.

9th House:
Placing rice or almonds in flowing water which is to be followed by donating gold and kesar for your associates from work which are all for good results.

 10th House:
The Individual must go to the temple regularly. Meat, wine and eggs are to keep away from. The individual must also offer food to 10 visually impaired people.

 11th House:
Anyone before going for an important task or work, a bowl of water must be placed on the ground and pour few drops of oil or wine for 45 days. Abstinence from worldly pleasures is a must.

12th House:
It is the individuals engagement of tying twelve almonds in a black colored cloth and place it in an iron pot and keep it in a dark room will give superior results.